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How much time and money have you invested in your musical skill yet have neglected YOUR instrument that plays your musical instrument? Your body!

Fine-tuning your ‘psycho-physical’ self will offer you a keener, sharper, more agile result in the music you play or the voice you sing with.

Learn basic cognitive body mechanics and grasp how the mind’s eye perceives and directs your poise, ease and freedom in movement. Let go for ever the musician’s struggles of RSI, achy shoulders and neck; the ‘stand up straight’ syndrome that never lasts; vocal distress; not enough breath. The list goes on and on.

Musicians and singers around the world rely on Alexander Technique. The famous Royal Academy of Music in London and Julliard School of Music in New York are two of many worldwide academies employing this skill in their teachings.

Gaining confidence in your music or singing depends fundamentally on the confidence you have in your own instrument….your body.

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