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Darren Watson | Blues Guitar Lessons

Darren Watson | Blues Guitar Lessons


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  • Pricing: 50 minute sessions. Casual lessons $90. Regular (weekly/fortnightly) $80. Ten Lesson Voucher $750.
  • Styles: Delta, Piedmont Blues, Slide Guitar. Electric Blues, Rhythm And Blues.
  • Suitability: If you're over sixteen years old and you've been playing for at least a year give me a call!


Hi there!

Music has been my life from an early age. I learned cornet, drums, and piano before moving on to bass guitar and finally to guitar.

I offer fun, one on one, individually tailored lessons for committed guitar players who want to learn how to play BLUES.

I teach most regional acoustic and electric styles including Delta, Piedmont, Chicago, Memphis, Texas, Swing/Jump, Early R&B. Fingerstyle, flatpicking, and slide guitar.

I teach from my home studio in Ngaio. I also offer Skype lessons for those outside of Wellington, and I currently have regular students from over 25 countries. (So if you’re reading this in Kathmandu? CAN DO!)

If you’re any kind of a blues fan in New Zealand you have probably heard me or at least of me. But if you need more info on my credentials please just Google my name. Most of the good stuff is at least half true.

I’ve been teaching and performing for a living for decades now and I have a lot to share.


“Anyone who thinks only Americans can authentically sing the blues should listen to this album by the New Zealander Darren Watson. It’s outstanding from beginning to end – the finest acoustic blues CD this reviewer has heard in quite some time.”
Blues Matters Magazine (UK)

“Showing his measured approach to country blues, New Zealander Darren Watson takes on the moneyed class, deceitful politicians and two-timing lovers in the words to his well-drawn, engaging tunes, all eight respectable of tradition without seeming unctuous or archaic. There are, indeed, fresh qualities to his vocals and guitar work, and the resulting warm vibe can suggest Guy Davis’. ”
Downbeat Magazine (USA)


Nine years ago I went to Darren for a block of 10 lessons and I am still getting Darren's excellent guidance with my playing. Darren has an depth knowledge of all aspects of guitar playing combined with a love of music. It is this combination that keeps me coming back. Though I have a long way to go still, my playing is already way beyond what I ever thought I was capable of. Highly recommend.

Arthur Klap
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