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Teacher Testimonials

My only marketing strategy for teaching singing is via the New Zealand music teachers online site. Though I have a website I still direct people straight to it because of the layout and the succinct format for providing information. I think it's reassuring for potential students to look me up and other teachers to find the right match for them. It saves me time describing how and what I offer in phone call enquiries and gives them the opportunity to learn and compare teachers values and strategies. I find it super easy to upload relevant information and change anything when I need to and the support I've received has been super straight forward. I feel very fortunate to be supported in this way when there's always so much to do when it comes to preparing for teaching. I highly recommend NZMTO for its consistency, accessibility and ease. Couldn't be happier!

- Lisa Tui Jonathan

NZ Music Teachers online is a great NZ site and resource. Everything you need is in one place.
Not only do I get a lot of enquiries and students via NZMTO, but it is also my number one site to send people to when anyone talks to me about learning any instrument.
NZ Music Teachers online makes it easy to help the right student find the right teacher - in any location.

- David Thorpe

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Premium Plan

$40 Per Year
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  • Appear in instrument and location searches
  • Google SEO support
  • Your own address:
  • A picture of you in all search results and on your page
  • Social Media Promo on Facebook and Instagram

Featured Plan

$100 Per Year

All the Premium features plus:

  • Appear randomly in the sidebar of the site
  • Appear randomly on the homepage

Professional Plan

$200 Per Year

All the Featured Plan features plus:

  • Appear at the top for your instrument
  • Appear at the top for your services
  • Appear at the top for your location
  • Your listing has a cool light-blue background and border
  • Recommended teacher section

all professional teachers rotate the very top spot for their service/location/instruments

Teacher Testimonials

I appreciate the Music Teachers website because it brings me up to date with technology! There was a time when I used the local newspapers to advertise my work and it use to work well, but not anymore. People are now into computers and Googling for things! So Thanks for creating a site that we as teachers can be a part of and present what we do to those around us. I have had several enquiries and have been able to sign up people from around my area.

- Mary Newland

I took NZMTO for granted while I lived in Christchurch where I had studied music and had extensive connections in the teaching scene. When I moved to Wellington I had to initially rely entirely on NZMTO to connect me with prospective students in my new home and keep me afloat financially. The number of enquiries I've had via NZMTO has given me the reassurance that I can make a career as a professional musician while sites like this exist to support me.

- Lucy Macilquham