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Amy (Raging Flowers Music)

Amy (Raging Flowers Music)


Guitar Lessons | Electronic Dance Music Production Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, Mixing and Mastering Lessons, Online Lessons

  • Qualifications: Private tutors
  • Pricing: Free 30-minutes trial lessons! Lessons from $50. See below for more details
  • Styles: Contemporary, Singer-songwriter, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Folk
  • Suitability: 5+. I work well with kids and adult beginners. I can help you make progress quickly


I’m a singer-songwriter and producer, making music as Raging Flowers. Electric guitar is my main instrument. I produce music with Logic Pro.

My music is played by NZ and international radio stations. One of my songs made number 3 on the RDU station’s top 10 on 2 April 2024. For more information, please visit my website:, or find me on instagram.

I can help you get started on your music journey or release your own music as an artist!

Here’s my background in music:

I’m mainly taught by the Auckland guitarist of Carnivorous Plant Society, Tam Scholes, who plays Jazz, Blues, Country, Latin, Fingerstyle, and a little Rock and Roll. He introduced me to Jazz theory, improvisation and world music. Before Tam, I was introduced to Classic Rock and Kiwi Pop by another guitar teacher.

I’m also taught by American singer-songwriter Jennifer K Austin, who’s my vocal coach. From her, I learned the power of encouragement and positivity.

As a kid, I was classically trained in the clarinet. I played in school orchestras for 7 years. I also learned a range of Chinese folk-instruments.

I first learned music production through an elective course at the University of Auckland, taught by Jason Hole – Black Diamond Productions. Then I further developed my skills through online courses. I produce my music at my home studio as well as professional studios in Auckland.


Teaching Info

Kids and adult beginners friendly. Private tutoring is the best way to make progress quickly! I offer mobile lessons so it easily fits into your day!


In-person lessons in East and Central Auckland:

  • $50 for 30 mins
  • $80 for 1 hour (recommended)
  • 1 or 2 students allowed
  • Other regions please contact me!


  • $70 for 1 hour

Get in touch for a free 30-minutes trial lesson, so you can decide if we are a good match.


Available material:

I will customise the lessons to your wishes. I can teach you guitar and introduce you to the world of singing, improvisation, songwriting, or music production, which is less expensive than you might think!

Acoustic or electric guitar lessons:

  • Strumming, finger-picking, basic chords, advanced chords, music theory
  • Learning music by ear, transcribing
  • Guitar solos, blues improvisation, jazz improvisation

Singing and songwriting:

  • How to relax while you sing and write
  • Overcoming performance anxiety
  • Finding your creative writing voice

Music production:

  • Recording music: using different types of microphones
  • Using DAWs (I prefer Logic Pro. You can use GarageBand, Reaper, or Audacity if you’d like free options)
  • Editing audio
  • Effects: EQs, Reverb, Delay, Compression, and more
  • Mixing and mastering

Artist support:

  • Releasing your music to streaming platforms
  • Royalties and getting paid for your music
  • Music promotion



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