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  • Your very own page on New Zealand's top ranking music teacher directory on Google (try searching for your instrument in your city!).
  • Photos of you on your page with a bold customisable banner
  • Clear contact information so students can contact you directly
  • Social media promotion on Facebook and Instagram
  • Appear in search results for as many instruments or services you provide
  • Student testimonials (Featured and Professional only).
  • Login and manage your page yourself
  • No referral fees! You make all the money from your lessons - as you should!

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Premium Plan

  • Appear in instrument and location searches
  • Google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) support
  • Your own address:
  • A picture of you in all search results and on your page
  • Social Media Promo on Facebook and Instagram

$8 / Per Month $50 / Per Year

Professional Plan

  • Appear at the top for your instrument*
  • Appear at the top for your services*
  • Appear at the top for your location*
  • Your listing has a light-blue background and border
  • Appear randomly in the sidebar of the site
  • Appear randomly on the homepage
  • Recommended teacher section

$30 / Per Month $250 / Per Year

about the cost of giving one lesson a month

*all professional teachers rotate the very top spot for their service/location/instruments every 4hours

Featured Plan

All the Premium features plus:

  • Appear randomly in the sidebar of the site
  • Appear randomly on the homepage

$12 / Per Month $120 / Per Year

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How are the teachers ordered in the search results?
The teachers are grouped into subscription plan levels and the order is randomly generated within each plan group every 4-6hours. This gives every teacher a chance of appearing higher in the results and done periodicly so that the site loads fast for users searching. Professional Plan teachers will always appear higher than teachers on lower plans.

When will my plan renew?
Plans renew automatically at the end of your billing cycle.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my plan mid billing cycle?
Yes, both Yearly and Monthly users can upgrade and downgrade at anytime and a prorata discount is offered if you change plan mid cycle. Users can cancel at anytime but will not receive a refund for any time left on their current billing cycle.

If you are changing mid billing cycle you will recieve a discount up to the max value of your new plan for any unused time on your current plan. For example if you are on a monthly plan and choose to change plan right in the middle of your billing cycle you will receive 50% of you current plan value as a discount.

Teacher Testimonials from across the Global Music Teachers Network

Since joining this site I've had a lot of enquiries from prospective students. It's been well worth the price of the premium plan. I like the way it gives a photo and bio as well as the details of fees etc - makes it much more approachable for a student to be able to see the person first!
- Marnie Barrell
NZ Music Teachers Online is a fantastic website which I'd thoroughly recommend to any established teacher looking for students. It's worked excellently for me and the premium membership is definitely worth it.
- Oscar Laven
I would like to say big thanks to Michael to host this wonderful Online site for NZ's music teachers. It's the most professional, well-organised music teacher site in NZ I have ever seen. Featured very clear, well designed, easy to manage. NZ Music Teacher Online has helped me to promote and build my music teaching business with a gratified result.
- Canwei Li
I tried out different ways like local advertising or networking, to get into contact with people, who might be interested in violin lessons. But it did not really work well. Then I became aware of the website “NZ Music Teachers Online”. The professionally designed website gives everybody an easily accessible overview of qualified music teachers. The website is the number one coming up when you search for music teachers via internet. Teachers are presented with the most important facts about their background and teaching style. The search criteria are simple and well understandable for everybody. I am very successful by promoting my work on “NZ Music Teachers Online”. I reach students at all ages and levels all over Auckland The website is a professional and effective way for music teachers to grow their business and for private people interested in qualified music tuition. Congratulations and thanks to Michael Story!
- Thomas Grube – Learn and Play the Violin