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Anna Prasannan

Anna Prasannan


Flute Lessons, Piano Lessons, Recorder Lessons | Aural Lessons, Ensemble Coaching, Theory Lessons, Online Lessons

  • Qualifications: BMus. PgDip in Flute Performance.ABRSM Grade 8 piano.
  • Pricing: $35/30 mins $52/45 mins $70/ 60 mins
  • Styles: Classical focus- but can teach a range of styles
  • Suitability: Age 3+ (Piano) Age 5+ ( Recorder, Toot, Nuvo Jflute,) Age 7 + ( Standard flute)


Available from end of April:)

Anna is  a full-time music teacher teaching children from  age 4 to advanced level. She teaches Flute from beginner to ATCL level/ university level and  beginner to intermediate level piano and recorder from beginner to Intermediate level 

She is also passionate about chamber music ! She performs in Wellington  with various chamber groups including the Wellywind Ensemble which was established with Pei-Ying Pan in 2018 and a harp and flute duo with Michelle Velvin. 

Anna completed her BMUS degree in Flute in 2012 at the New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University Wellington studying with several teachers from NZSO and orchestra Wellington. In 2017 she  returned to studies graduating with PGDIP in Flute Performance in 2018. For her postgraduate diploma Anna took 2 years of  flute and piccolo lessons with Bridget Douglas, the principal flute player in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. She has begun lessons again this year with Bridget. A highlight from 2018 at University was becoming a finalist in the Body Harris Prize for best performance of a New Zealand composition at Victoria University playing the Anthony Ritchie Flute concerto! She also has performed various concertos with various orchestras including Ibert Flute Concerto  Vivaldi goldfinch concerto and Chaminade concertino.

Anna grew up with a very musical background. Her father is a music teacher, conductor and performer. Anna began teaching piano alongside her father at the age of 16 in Nelson. The motivation for bringing the joy of music to others was inspired by his passion and enthusiasm. She has been teaching flute, piano and recorder in Wellington for 6 years.

Anna’s Students in action:

Wellywind Duo: 2021

Flute Harp Duo: 2021

Christmas Student Concert 2021: Some of Anna’s students

Anna playing Piano 






Teaching Info

Anna enjoys teaching  Flute to people of any age from beginner to advanced level on the flute. She has put students through grade exams from grade 1 -8. Her grade 8 Flute student this year got a very high distinction!

She also teaches recorder and Piano from beginner to intermediate level ( up to approx grade 5 level) She has had success putting children through graded piano exams this year, all receiving  distinction!

Anna likes to help students have a strong foundation in tone and technique, and will put children through trinity exams to an advanced level if they wish. Anna’s  main priority is that students enjoy playing their instrument, and she  does not put pressure on children to do exams if they do not want to. But she will encourage confidence building through performance opportunities in the form of student concerts and duets.

Student Reviews:

Christina Coutts- Mother of piano student
Anna is the best music teacher I ever met,she is so professional,she has great patience ,the lesson is full of fun and made my daughter absolutely loves to play piano and practice piano everyday , even now we are no longer live in the same city with Anna , we are continuing our lesson through zoom and it works out brilliantly, we know all because of Anna’s extra efforts.

Candice Ma- Mother of piano student

We are too lucky to have Anna as my son’s piano teacher. She is very professional , and always patient, passionate, motivated and positive. I specially love her detailed notes, it is greatly helpful for practice after the lessons. My 7-year-old son got Distinction in the level 1 piano exam after been with Anna for a year!And we still have her online lessons even though we are moving to another city!

Liam- A year 13 grade 7 level student who learnt off Anna for 7 years.)
Thankyou so much for being the best flute teacher ever!
You are a wonderful teacher. You are a credit to your students and it has been an honour to be taught by you.
I have been your student for a long time and it has been a great time. Your patience and kindness never fails to amaze me. Over the years I have had lessons several other flute teachers but I always come back to you.
You have helped me grow and learn and I would not be the person I am today without you. You’ve especially been supportive of me while I learn to cope with my chronic pain, thankyou for your consistent understanding.
You are friendly and warm hearted. Your passion towards music is infectious and you make learning flute fun and exciting.
Along with your extensive knowledge, your compassion and enthusiasm make you a brilliant person and teacher.
I will continue to find joy in playing flute and I have no plans to stop.
My love for music has been a gift from you that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Please use this letter as a resounding endorsement of your teaching.
Thankyou for every lesson and thankyou for your support, Liam

Serene Wong (Grade 8 Flute Student) Anna Prasannan is an enthusiastic, passionate flute teacher who gives valuable advice to her students and lets her students have a say in what pieces they want to play. She aims to have her students enjoy music and bring out the best characteristics of each piece of music as well as having secure techniques, enabling students to achieve beyond their expectations. In my first year of flute lessons with Anna, I passed my grade 7 and grade 8 flute exams with distinction (96/100). With Anna's guidance, I went on to be a semi-finalist in the Noteable Competitions (UK, AUS & NZ) and successfully auditioned for the NZSO Young Artist Showcase, a concert celebrating the most promising young musicians in NZ. I highly recommend Anna as a flute teacher. She teaches all the way from beginners to advanced students with a focus on developing musicianship rather than just techniques. I am sure you will enjoy learning flute and improve substantially in both techniques and interpretation with Anna as your flute tutor. Serene Wong

Serene Wong
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