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Childrens Music Centre


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  • Qualifications: Dip teaching, Trinity college
  • Pricing: Varying prices depending on group or individual or adult lessons. please see website
  • Styles: contemporary, traditional.
  • Suitability: 5-13


The Children’s Music Centre is owned by Karen Jones (dip teaching). Her revolutionary methods of teaching are turning education heads with her results. Her unusually successful methods gained the attention of both the BBC and Edinburgh university. Now in Wellington, she brings this empowering and creative methodology to her Lower Hutt students. To have your child making life long freindships and learning from the best, enrol now!

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Teaching Info

Lessons cover technique, notation, improvisation and composition along with regular rhythm development dosed with fun. Students (and parents) are aware of their learning intentions and next steps which is of course in line with current NZ pedagogy.  The programs are always student centred. Programs are tailored to each individual so that your child is 100% engaged, learning quickly and easily and can’t wait for their next lesson.


When I think back to my lessons with Karen, I remember how much I enjoyed myself and how in awe I was of her genuine enthusiasm and love for music. She gave me a really strong base in harmony and improvisation, which is something I later rediscovered as being really important to becoming a well rounded musician. Karen gives her students space to flair as individuals and follow their own creative paths, and her passion is contagious. Of all of the teachers I learnt with in my early musical life, she is the one who most encouraged and inspired me to pursue music. I’m now studying at the Royal College of Music in London, and I am incredibly grateful to Karen for giving me the start I had. - Marsailidh Groat

Marsailidh Groat

Karen is an incredible musician. That doesn't always translate to a good teacher, but I can tell you she's not only good...SHE'S GREAT!

Erin Manu
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