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Clara Park Music Studio

Clara Park Music Studio


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  • Qualifications: BMus
  • Pricing: $33/30mins, $47/45mins, $60 per hour
  • Styles: Classical, modern styles
  • Suitability: From 5yrs old to high school students, adults welcome. Covers all grade levels


Clara Park is a flute and piano teacher with 7+yrs of teaching experience focused on private lessons. She is classically trained her whole life and carried out successful musical achievements through out all her school years including scholarships.

Clara graduated at the University of Canterbury with Bachelor of Music degree-Performance Flute.

She is available for lessons at her studio which is conveniently placed in Riccarton, just 2 minutes away from Riccarton mall.


Teaching Info

Clara is a music teacher who knows that the basics of music for students and having a good teacher from the beginning is very important.

“A teacher may be able to drag a student to play repertoires which are at a more advanced level than where the student is at and should be (without teaching the fundamentals of music), but this kind of teaching style is not beneficial to the students at all. Later on the students will not be able to play properly at all when they’re given a new piece of music infront of them.”

Clara is experienced with students across all ages from 4yr olds to adults. She teaches in detail covering all music theory, posture, musicianship and reading the music properly etc while making music enjoyable for all students. Her students have firm base skills in music playing along with having positive progress. She has helped and fixed many of her students who had technical flaws which had been overlooked by previous flute/piano teachers.

ABRSM, Trinity grade exams are also her specialty.

She teaches to suit every different student’s needs. Clara is very passionate with all her students also loves kids and is good with them.

For piano lessons she teaches with her acoustic upright piano at her studio.

Lessons are available in English or Korean.



"I'm very happy, this is a great Christmas gift. Thank you Clara, because of your excellent guidance Yenny could get this good result for her exam (ABRSM Grade 6 - Distinction)."

Yenny's mother

"Even in this time, when he is free, he always plays piano or when he's not playing the notes, does some rhythm tapping by himself for his enjoyment. I can feel he likes and is happy to play the piano. You are a good teacher, thank you very much for teaching Luke."

7yrs old Luke's mother
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