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Dr Irena Angelovska

Dr Irena Angelovska


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  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Music | Master in Music Science | Doctor of Music (Music Education)
  • Pricing: Price upon request
  • Styles: Classical (Western European), Popular
  • Suitability: All


Ready to embark on your musical journey and explore the richness of music? Let’s work together.

Hello! I’m Dr Irena Angelovska, a multilingual music educator and researcher with over a decade of international teaching experience in Europe and New Zealand. With a rich music theory and performance background, I create musical experiences that centre around your interests and needs. I aim to provide the most suitable guidance to help my students achieve their musical goals and musicianship through a fun and engaging approach.

I believe that music is for everyone, and my teaching approach focuses on creating an inclusive, supportive learning environment where students feel encouraged to explore their musical potential. I prioritise building strong communication and mutual trust with my students, creating a safe space for them to experiment with new performance techniques, collaborate with others, and engage in meaningful discussions about music.

Teaching Info

Throughout my career, I have worked with over 1800 students of all ages and skill levels, from primary school children to adults. I am passionate about fostering a love for music in each of my students, and I take pride in preparing my students for exams (ABRSM, Trinity College) and competitions, boasting over an 85% rate in first and special awards. Many of my former students are now music professionals, students, and performers in acclaimed European music institutions.

To ensure steady progress, and with consideration of the student’s age, level and interests, I invite each learner to set teaching and artistic guidelines that guide the students’ learning experiences. My teaching is guided by culturally responsive pedagogy, which empowers students to connect with music on intellectual, emotional, and social levels. By acknowledging and valuing their diverse cultural backgrounds, I aim to nurture their artistic imagination and creativity.

My piano lessons focus on developing technique, posture, hand dexterity, and musical artistry. I encourage my students to experiment with finding their musical expression and use a variety of mediums to deliver my lessons. Whenever possible, I invite each student on a journey to explore chamber musicking and improvisation.

My music theory lessons focus on developing knowledge and understanding of notation, tone structures (intervals, chords and inversions), scales and modes, harmonic progressions, analysis of form and structure, and music creation. Drawing on various sources, I review aspects of music history and context to encourage each student to gain a deeper understanding of the development of the music theory concepts we explore.

We just wanted to feed back that our piano teacher, Irena, has been the most amazing teacher! Her enthusiasm and friendly nature has been fantastic and she has really made our children want to practice and love music. She has always gone above and beyond for us (she got the children to write about why they liked music etc) and we really appreciate all that she has done. She always has a smile and takes an interest in the children. She is awesome!

Emma and Alex (parents)

Irena is a perfect musician and teacher. You will learn a lot from her. She shares her knowledge and has helped me pass my exams at uni easily. I can't wait until the next lesson with her, not only because she is a great teacher, but also because she is a great friend. She still motivates, supports and inspires me. I highly recommend her to everyone!


As a beginner with no experience in reading and performing music, Irena helped me feel confident with her sense of humour and ability to transfer her knowledge. She helped to master various playing techniques. I am still fascinated by her knowledge and understanding of various genres and periods of music. She assisted me so I no longer felt like an average listener and brought me closer to Macedonian folk music by practising compound time signatures. The lessons were enjoyable because Irena always provided musicality, brightness, and strong support. I can say, without exaggeration, that she had a special role in building my character.


I had the pleasure of studying with Prof. Irena Angelovska for three years. I learned and developed a lot during that time. She taught me music theory, harmony, and analysis in a way no one could have before. Irena was clear and precise and concentrated on practical instruction. Thanks to her, I passed my high school exams without stressing and achieved excellent university results. Aside from her excellent teaching style, she is also very good at bonding with her students personally. She recognises the students' character and needs and works with each one to meet their needs. She has always been punctual and, above all, helpful. Irena is an outstanding pianist and musician. It was an incredible pleasure to work with and learn from her.

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