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Elly Rydge

Elly Rydge


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  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Musical Arts
  • Styles: Any
  • Suitability: Any


Mrs A’s Music School Christchurch is a privately owned business run by Elly Rydge.  The Mrs A’s Music School teaching system originated in Timaru and was started by Elly’s mother, Jannette Aldridge; a teacher who has taught numerous ages and stages throughout New Zealand for over 30 years.

The original school remains in Timaru and now a second school is open in Christchurch. Both schools use the same core values:

  • Give everyone the right to learn music
  • Help students plan and achieve goals
  • Find the recipe for effective learning
  • Face reality with honesty and courage
  • Respect the people, equipment and facilities

Teaching Info

Group Lessons – $10.00-15.00

Singing Club Monday 4.00 pm

Adults Open Choir Thursday 6.30 pm

| Stomp Group | Ukulele Band | Guitar Club |Little Sparrow’s Drama Club


Wade Sloper – Guitar & Drums

Wade has been involved in music for almost 11 years now. Starting with drums when he was 13, and then adding bass guitar and guitar at 16 & 17 he is a versatile and well rounded player with interest in a variety of styles.
Currently Wade performs as the drummer in band Etheran and is in the process of starting a covers band (in which he plays rhythm guitar), and an original pop/rock band in which he will be playing guitar.
Wade is still relatively new to the world of teaching, but makes up for it with passion, & enthusiasm.
Available Thursday- Friday afternoons

Hannah Snelling – Piano, Singing & Drama

Hannah’s passion is to provide children with the skills and confidence to express themselves through performance. She works well with all ages and stages with special skills in drama and under 5’s musical development.

Available Wednesday – Friday afternoons

Elly Rydge – Piano and Vocals

Elly has been teaching and performing for the last 8 years. She not only connects positively with her students but also creates a welcoming environment for parents to observe and be a part of the learning experience.

Elly has assisted students in Rockquest, NCEA, and varsity/show auditions.

Fully booked (casual lessons available)


Teachers work with school choirs, children and adults alike.  Where appropriate, they set up prizes, star charts, word documents, homework books, recordings and reports.  Students are encouraged to play their way to something special each school term in an appropriate performance setting.

As a student, I can strongly recommend Elly Rydge for her excellent tuition for developing skills in singing and performance. She consistently provided quality advice and regular encouragement throughout. Elly always gave honest feedback combined with specific practical suggestions using different media to make steady progress. Lessons have always been a positive experience and great fun!

Barry Hayes
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