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Grace Lee

Grace Lee


Violin Lessons | Theory Lessons, Online Lessons

  • Qualifications: MMus University of Cincinnati, U.S.A
  • Pricing: $60 for half an hour /$90 for 50 mins
  • Styles: Classical
  • Suitability: Ages 5 above


2004 Master Course in Violin, The Russia Gnesins’ Academy of Music

2010-2012 Master’s Degree in Music, University of Cincinnati, USA

2013 A member of Absolute Classic Orchestra

2014 A member of Music Alps in Seongnam Orchestra

2013-2017 Music teacher, Klavier Academic Music School, South Korea

2021 Certificate, IRMTNZ (Institute of Registered Music Teacher New Zealand)

2021 Violin Teacher, Nayland College & Nayland Schools of Music

2021 Violin Teacher, Nelson Centre of Musical Arts

2021 A member of Nelson Symphony Orchestra

2021 Associate of IRMTNZ

Music Awards (In Korea)

  • 2006 – Music Education Contest, 1st place best violinist
  • 2005 – Eumpyung Contest, 1st place best violinist
  • 2004 – Donga Newspaper Music Contest, 1st place best violinist
  • 2003 – National Chauin Music Contest, 3rd place best violinist without 1st and 2nd place

Orchestral Performances

  • 2009 Mostili Philharmonic Orchestra
  • 2006 ‘The Night of Concert’ with Kangnam University Orchestra
  • 2004 Millennium Symphony Orchestra
  • 2003 Kangnam University Orchestra Ensemble Festival



Teaching Info

Welcome all violin students who really love the violin.

  • Teaching with a variety of violin technical books.
  • Using different teaching methods according to students’ levels.
  • Voice recordings or video recordings for self-checking.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Developing beginner, foundation or advanced violin skills.

Hey, I’m Grace, violin teacher with 15 years experience in teaching music lessons to a range of ages from children to adults, both at school and privately in instrumentation and general music theory. I possess a strong ability to coach and mentor students to pursue a variety of musical opportunities.

I have used a variety of “Etudes” and technical practice books to build up the basics for my violin students. I choose the “Etude” which is related to concertos, when students start to learn new concertos. I can adjust my teaching methods depending on students’ levels. At the basic fine motor skills level, I teach scale and finger position practice and correct arm position.

Along with my teaching accomplishments, I have also played the violin in several orchestras as a substitute, regular, or in the First Violin Section. . I am enthusiastic about teaching students and improving talented young people. Also, I have a sociable personality and good interpersonal communication skills.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to fulfil through achievement of violin skills. I am flexible in my teaching hours.

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