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Jakeb Morgan

Jakeb Morgan


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  • Qualifications: Post graduate in creative arts and bachelor in music
  • Pricing: 30 for 30mins
  • Styles: Punk, Metal, Funk, Acoustic, Alternative, Rock, Pop.
  • Suitability: 5 & up, children & adults/Beginner - Advance Guitar/Beginner - Intermediate other instruments


Jakeb Morgan is a post graduate musician from Christchurch who specialises in playing guitar and along the way, he has acquired musical skills from other instruments and musical genres to create an approach to playing music as an art form.

Teaching Info

As a beginner, my main focus is for the students develop a passion for music as the hardest part of any instrument is the beginning. I strive to make the first lessons as fun as possible while learning the basics. It will be divide by two types of practice, serious and silly. Silly practice takes the priority as it important for beginners to learn familiarity with an instrument and start to develop there own style. Serious practice during this time will take a backseat but will still be part of this period.

Intermediate and Advanced students will have more serious practice instead of silly practice because this is when musicians know what they want to achieve musically. This will be catered to the individual student depending on what they want to learn genre wise but is not limited to one genre. For example, if a student loves metal and wants to start learning Djent, I would show them some Djent ideas but I would also show them Funk and Blues as well because these genres share similar chops to each other.

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