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Janet Dudney

Janet Dudney


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  • Qualifications: ATCL; LTCLGMT (London); Dip. Executant Music (NZ);Dip. Teaching (NZ); Dip. Education (USA)
  • Suitability: All ages


Kia ora and welcome.  

My Sound & Music Studio is situated in Taupaki, Auckland where I teach music to all ages.  I also facilitate Sound Bath Collaborative Workshops throughout Auckland in addition to individual sounds baths for health and wellbeing when requested.

My earliest joyful memories were centered around the sounds of nature and music.    I played the piano at a very young age because I loved it!

After I finished my secondary schooling in West Auckland, I entered Teachers College and became a teacher and music specialist in NZ schools before I left to pursue a music therapy training and to further my music studies in London and the USA.  I taught extensively while overseas and for many years ran the music department at the Nevada City School of the Arts in California, which included creative music and teaching instrumental and vocal music to ages 4 to 15.   I produced, directed, and performed music with an awareness of the beauty of pleasing sound and how it benefits the well-being of participants and the audience.

As a private music teacher,  I offer a wealth of experience in addition to a creative, enjoyable and holistic approach to music education in general.   This helps students journey to the heart of music and to the heart of themselves.  As one of my colleagues very generously wrote:

“Janet is simply amazing.  She possesses a unique way of reaching to the heart of things and leading others to do the same.  As a Music Teacher she inspires students to give their utmost, to reach into themselves and become the music, to share the pathos or joy, the rhythm and energy, the beauty and precision that brings the piece to life.  I have seen no one else able to take students to this place of total immersion, total commitment.” – Gary Griffith

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As a practitioner of holistic music education, I embrace the medium of music ~ sound and silence, and I cultivate a learning environment where students feel acknowledged and respected.   “Janet is an exceptional music teacher. What we find truly special about her is her authenticity in really getting to know our daughter, what makes her tick and exactly what she needs so as to create her own unique and special music journey.”  Tony and Sarah Wright

I encourage students to explore the instruments in my studio so as to develop their relationship to sound and silence.   Sound exploration enhances listening and appreciation, awareness, authenticity, confidence, creativity and musicality.

“When I take the creative aspects from sound exploration into my musical life, I open up.   My perception of music has completely changed.   Now I am inventive with my music, making me an individual.   The creative play is truly a gift.   Thanks!”  – Matisse (13 years)

Piano lessons are tailored to the age, stage and interests of the students.  In addition to learning technique and musicianship skills, I encourage students to put the “play” back into their music.  Play in this context enhances focus, balance, concentration and vitality, releases tensions, quietens mind-chatter, and fosters technical freedom, creativity and joy.

I teach singing to help people connect with their hearts, to develop confidence, awareness and well-being while developing their musicality and musicianship.  A voice is often hindered by layers of tensions that, once acknowledged, can be alleviated through a holistic approach.

I never thought that I would be a singer but over the past 3 years you have helped me find my voice in both song and soul.   You are my best voice teacher.  I felt respected and encouraged and you taught with patience and inspiration.  Thank you!”  Hannah 

Students have reported that the benefits of a holistic approach to music education extend far beyond the music lessons, stating that the lessons help them bring balance to their inner and outer worlds in addition to experiencing greater integration.

If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to contact me for an initial complimentary lesson.




My 2 son’s (8 and 6 years old) have been taking lessons from Janet for almost a year now. Both my boys are inspired to love music after each lesson. Janet’s approach to teaching music is holistic and fun. We currently live on the North Shore, and have followed Janet to her new studio, as I was finding it difficult to find a teacher with same music values and enthusiasm locally. A very special teacher, one in a million.

Sharon Ng

Our daughter, Jes (10 years old), has been taking piano lessons with Janet for some two to three years now. During this time we have been thrilled to see Jes’s progress on the piano and how much she enjoys her lessons with Janet. We live on the North Shore and until just recently were very close to Janet’s studio. When we heard that Janet was moving to Taupaki, there was no question that we would follow her there. Janet is an exceptional music teacher. What we find truly special about her is her authenticity in really getting to know Jes, what makes her tick and exactly what she needs so as to create her own unique and special music journey. Janet is patient and encouraging with Jes. Janet recognises Jes’s creative side and nurtures her desire to experiment while at the same time encouraging her to keep up her skills practice. Jes wouldn’t miss her lessons with Janet for the world.

Tony Wright

Janet has been nothing but amazing throughout the several years I've had her as my teacher. She has pushed me to the best of my abilities and has always treated me with such kindness and patience. She's helped me grow not only as a musician but also as a person, and I wouldn't be where I am without her.

Alice - 13 years

Janet is a wonderful teacher. She has a rare ability to tap into exactly what speaks to each of her students, individualising her lessons while never omitting the more formal aspects of musicianship. A consummate professional who is also endlessly patient, good-humoured and kind, she never loses sight of the bigger picture, ensuring that music will never be a chore for her students, but will instead remain a life-long joy. I am so grateful for what she has given my daughter. - Sally Sutton

Sally Sutton

Starting to learn the piano as a 32-year-old was quite daunting. After researching thoroughly for a good teacher and guide, I was lucky to find Janet. With her, I was able to receive the inspiration, encouragement and a sense of responsibility for learning. Janet is patient, creative and knowledgeable. She has a lovely attitude and an uplifting personality. These are really helpful and stimulated me to learn, practice and push myself to be better. I am really thankful to Janet for her time and patience with me.


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Janet Dudney. She is a natural teacher with a remarkable ability to win respect and cooperation from all kinds of children. They follow her lead because they want to, and where she leads them is invariably to higher ground. One may ask how she does it. I believe the answer to that is to be found in who she is as a person - her character, her love of her subject, and her love and respect for her students.

Lee Pope, parent of a student and class teacher, 2008.
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