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Jann McMichael

Jann McMichael


Singing Lessons | Alexander Technique Lessons, Online Lessons, Posture for Singers and Instrumentalists

  • Qualifications: Cert.STAT (SA)
  • Pricing: Request sliding rates - Beginner's - Zoom online lessons/all instruments. Group Class - Private lessons
  • Styles: Open. Singing styles to suit the singer and their preference. Guitar guidance too.
  • Suitability: Ages range from 16 to 75+. Plus dynamic group classes.


I empower singers to free vocal expression and sing with confidence. To release the voice and breathing and get the fullest vocal strength. Lessons focus on Alexander’s discoveries.
Keen enthusiasts to professional singers, discover the art of freeing your voice and the subtle breathing mechanism.
Confidence and vocal strength are by-products of good natural pitch I work primarily with the HOW of how you sing!

Why learn with me? I am an Alexander Technique teacher and base my singer and instrumental sessions on this powerful method.  I have taught singers from classical to contemporary, modern, pop, jazz and folk singers as well as choral groups.

I conduct speciality workshops with Adult Education, small groups and festival events.  I’ve worked with school choirs St Kentigerns and Baradene colleges, supporting them in their search for excellence.

Teaching Info

Work with me and you’ll experience subtle changes to your alignment which influences your confidence in performing.  Free your voice and guitar playing free your performance!

– release tension and release yourself from anxiety on stage and off.
– gain total freedom in your ability to express the song.
– alleviate practice boredom and enjoy better, lasting results.
– dramatically enhance your breathing capacity.
– develop your own keen sense of your best voice.

Bridie McCree says after 2 lessons “Jann, it really was amazing to sing in front of my workmates. Pretty amazed by the speed at which I’m improving under your guidance. Really glad that I found you on that ad, I’ve very much missed being able to sing properly”.

You give me the time and I’ll give you the tools!  Guaranteed I will.

Group classes – Sing again: performance workshop.  Contact Jann to get details and/to register.  Online groups to be available.

Other options available:

  • Private 1 -2-1 lessons $90 for hourly session.
  • My special starter package offer……..Sign for 6 sessions- cost $540.  You pay $500.  After 6 lessons you’re singing with less tension.  It starts to feel easier and more comfortable.
    Your daily actions have eased, singing; practice, standing, working.
  • Students: 1-2-1 $65.    45 minutes. $65
  • Online sessions Cost: as above.

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Thank you so much Jann. I really appreciate what you're doing for me! I'm so glad I came across your profile on the directory. I've only been to one lesson, but I can already tell I'll be growing a lot, not just a singer, but as an individual from you and I'm looking forward to it! The confidence we addressed really helped. It feels more like “I can be myself”

Zhyryll Prada

"Jann will tell you that before my first lesson I was literally folding myself up and was quite visibly harbouring a decent amount of self doubt that had been really affecting my ability to sing. After the first lesson and even more so after the second, the positive effect of my general mood has been really interesting to say the least and quite obvious both to myself and the people around me. And the effect on my voice has been pretty amazing to experience. After years of straining and tension I'm remembering what it feels like to sing with ease and confidence again; to find joy in singing to the people around me. I sung in front of workmates properly for the first time in years and I actually felt proud of my voice today and I'm really amazed to be honest. It's been so long and I've missed it so much. Definitely very worthwhile to pursue, words are hollow but you will see for yourself. All the best".

Bridie McCree
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