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Justin Firefly Clarke

Justin Firefly Clarke


Banjo Lessons, Bass Guitar Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Keyboard Lessons, Ukulele Lessons | Aural Lessons, Ensemble Coaching, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, Mixing and Mastering Lessons

  • Qualifications: Masters in Music - composition (Victoria University / New Zealand School of Music), Bachelor of Jazz Performance - guitar (Massey University / Conservatory of Music)
  • Pricing: $30 for half hour. $45 for 45 minutes. $60 for an hour.
  • Styles: Classical and Jazz, folk and rock, basically all styles with an added passion for "World" music such as from the Balkans, India and some African music.
  • Suitability: 6-100 years old. Beginner to advanced. Classical Grade 1-8.


Justin is a professional musician with a Master’s Degree from The New Zealand School of Music and has studied classical guitar under the tutorage of legendary Matthew Marshall. As an artist he specializes in performance jazz guitar, film composition, songwriting. Justin has performed all over the world winning awards at festivals in Europe and collaborated with world-class performers from all over the globe. Locally he is known for producing the Woolshed Sessions and Jess Chambers as well as featuring with Fly My Pretties, Fat Freddy’s Drop and with The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

Teaching Info

Lessons with Justin Clarke specialize in guitar, ukulele, banjo or bass. He also teaches music theory. His lessons cater to all students (as young as 6) and begin by covering basic chords, simple songs, and learning to read notation. Justin also teaches advanced students and has many years music teaching experience including teaching guitar in Germany and at the jazz department of Massey University. He brings a broad understanding of music to the student while catering to their individual learning styles.

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