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Letitia Lindeque Vocal Coach

Letitia Lindeque Vocal Coach


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  • Qualifications: Vocal coach/vocal technique instructor/voice teacher. Over 40 years singing experience & more than 10 years teaching singing
  • Pricing: From $35 (please see my website for all service options)
  • Styles: Adult contemporary styles e.g. pop, rock, Gospel, country, jazz, folk, RnB, blues, dance, ambient, acoustic, musical theatre, etc.
  • Suitability: Ages 7 to 70. All experience levels welcome.


I’ve been teaching singing for more than 10 years and have more than 40 years singing experience and knowledge.  I currently teach privately from my home studio in Whataupoko, Gisborne as both a vocal coach and a vocal technique instructor. 

I focus on vocal technique so that we can work through any barriers preventing us from singing well, ensuring vocal development to the highest possible level. 

I’ve developed a wholistic program designed to improve our “entire” voice and have found it to be very effective in reaching a good level of singing in a reasonable amount of time.  My program is designed to work with all voices and ability levels from children to adults.

As a voice teacher I draw from multiple disciplines, methods, and resources, both classical (bel canto) and contemporary, to create a flexible and individualized approach that helps my students achieve their singing goals.

My vocal and musical experience includes singing from a young age, choir leader in high school, performances in plays, singing professionally, recording a music album & various musical projects, voice over work for radio commercials, backing vocals for other artists’ albums, lyrical content for artists’ songs, collaborating with other musicians, producing/composing music on digital audio workstations, audio engineering, songwriting and teaching voice.

I believe my greatest strength as a voice teacher is my ability to see the unique potential of each voice I work with and as such, I guide and encourage my students to achieve all they can with their voices.

We have an END OF YEAR SINGERS’ CONCERT open to all students who would like to take part.

Teaching Info

I truly believe that anyone can learn to sing (assuming your voice is healthy). 

Not only can you learn to sing, but you can learn to sing really REALLY well (to an advanced/professional level or to the level you feel achieves your singing goals).

Singing is a skill that improves with practice, knowledge and correct technique.  The same basic techniques are employed, whether you want to sing around the campfire or be a professional stage diva! 

From ages 7 to 70 – all ability levels are welcome, from absolute beginners with no singing experience to seasoned professionals.  If you want to improve your voice and make sure you’re singing with healthy technique that will last a lifetime, voice lessons will benefit you immensely.

I focus on teaching you how the voice works “like an instrument” so that you’ll always have the knowledge of how to sing – you will never lose it.

I’m passionate about showing you how to overcome any vocal problems or barriers you may have so that you can realize your full vocal potential and experience what your voice is truly capable of.

Most people are very surprised by what their voices can do.  It’s exhilarating to be able to sing without fear or limitations, to express yourself with freedom, confidence and passion.

If you’ve experienced discouragement from others, or been told “not to quit your day job”, I’d especially like to encourage you to take lessons.  If you don’t know how to sing, I can teach you. 

Letitia is nothing short of amazing. I started seeing Letitia to make the transition from classical singing to contemporary, and she has been a wealth of knowledge and support as I make this leap. What I like about Letitia‘s program is that it doesn’t take shortcuts and ensures singers are taking the healthiest route to achieve their goals with sustainable long-term results. I would recommend Letitia‘s services to anyone who is wanting to get into singing and wants to start their journey the right way, or to an experienced singer who wants to learn advanced techniques and how to get more out of their existing skill set.


Letitia Lindeque Vocal Coach, not only is she a beautiful person, she also has a very beautiful soul. Tayne has been with Letitia just over a year and she has done so much for him. Her style of coaching is very professional, her approach to the person learning is very patient, kind and caring and she can cater for both genders, which is marvelous. She is honest and we just love her, Tayne will not miss a day of coaching with Letitia, and has not. So take mine and Tayne's word, she is the most experienced vocal/singing coach I have come across, she knows her work, and if you persevere with her way of teaching, you will never look back. Thank you Letitia, we appreciate all that you have done, hope you can put up with us for many more years.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I have learnt so much, not only about my voice, but also Spiritually. I have enjoyed every moment, every yawn and every stupid time when I thought the note was higher than it really was! You have taught me to relax and to believe in myself. I know now, that I can sing anything I want to, if I just practice! I will never forget your investment in my life.


Thank you very much, you are an amazing teacher. I never would have believed that I would be able to get to even half my singing ability that I am at today! I feel a lot more confident with my music and you gave me skills that I'll treasure for life.

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