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maevon music – Beatrice & Sascha

maevon music – Beatrice & Sascha


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  • Qualifications: Beatrice: Trinity Rock&Pop Grade 8 / Master of Arts / Secondary School Teacher Diploma
    Sascha: GIT Musicians Institute, Hollywood
  • Pricing: $67 per hour, $56 for 45min (weekly lessons)
  • Styles: Guitar: Acoustic / Blues / Funk / Grunge / Pop / Hard & Classic Rock / Metal and more...
    Singing: Pop / Rock / Soul / Funk / Blues
  • Suitability: 16 through to 99, for beginners to advanced (younger on enquiry)


Originally from Switzerland, Beatrice “Trix” and Sascha moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in 2018. They started maevon music with the idea of offering lessons and programs to adult music lovers who always wanted to sing or play themselves but somehow didn’t get the chance to really get into it.

Sascha and Trix believe that singing and playing music together is simply part of being human. We are all born with music. It has the power to connect us with our soul and with each other. So it doesn’t matter how old you are or what you’ve been told about your musical talent: You should just go for it and make it part of your life!

Sascha and Trix are committed to creating a supportive environment where you can let go of expectations and build your confidence, learn something new at your own pace and find your very own way of being a singer or guitar hero.

And if you still prefer just watching, they’ll keep you entertained with their duo Joy Frank.

Want to know more about us?

You can listen to of some our past work on Spotify:


Teaching Info

The lessons take place either at The Piano: Centre for and Music and the Arts, 156 Armagh Street, Christchurch Central or in our modern Home Studios in Silverstream, Kaiapoi.

We ensure that you feel safe, comfortable and get the most out of the time!

We specialise in adults and especially enjoy working with people who want to take up singing or the guitar at a later stage in their life.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 20, 40, 60 or even 80you’re never too old to rock’n’roll! – Sascha

You got a voice, so you can be a singer! – Trix

About the lessons:

Sascha, is this like a standard boring guitar lesson plan that I can get on youtube?

Hell no! Guitar lessons are tailored to your needs and abilities.
Whether you want to start at the beginning, improve fast, prepare for a specific occasion or just want to jam on a weekly basis.

Beatrice, why should I take singing lessons?

First of all, because singing is great fun and really good for your soul! Singing lessons will help you find focus and make the most of your natural talent, no matter if you are a complete beginner or a natural born singer. I will help you figure out where you are and want to go with your singing. We will define some goals together and structure your lessons accordingly

How long are the lessons?

We currently offer lessons of 45 and 60 minutes. An hour will give you more time for guided practice and asking questions which is especially valuable when you’re just starting out. If you already got some experience, more time will allow us to really develop your performance and musician skills.

What does a typical singing lesson look like?

After a good vocal warmup, we’ll usually work on the songs we’ve chosen together, based on your skill level and goals. We might focus on tricky sections, specific elements of vocal technique or musical style to support you in making a song your own. This includes giving you the tools you need to become confident with performing – be it on stage or just in our vocal studio.

How are the guitar lessons structured?

First of all, we will find out where you are and where you want to go with your guitar playing. Secondly, we’ll discuss suitable lesson times. Furthermore, we will define your goals together and create a basic plan to help you achieve them. Finally, we’ll start the journey, I will guide you through the necessary steps and help you to focus on the right areas.

So what are the areas I will be focussing on?

This is all part of the process. To give you an idea here are some possible goals, focus areas and combinations.

Guitar focus:

  • Mindfulness and stress relief through guitar playing
  • Learning the basics and filling the gaps
  • Rhythm guitar
  • Solos & Improvising (technique and melody)
  • Funk & Rock guitar techniques
  • Learn specific songs and approach to self learning
  • Prepare for a Trinity Rock&Pop Grade
  • How to use online resources to your advantage (Ultimate Guitar, Youtube, etc.)
  • Songwriting
  • Writing better guitar parts for your band or song
  • Recording
  • Performance
  • Guitar setup
  • Getting your tone (finding your voice)
  • Getting the right equipment and how to use it

Singing focus:

  • Pick up a new hobby and do something for yourself
  • Sing & perform your favorite songs with confidence
  • Find your voice and style
  • Develop a healthy and effective vocal technique
  • Sing to release stress and improve personal wellbeing
  • Perform at a special event or in public
  • Learn some basic piano to accompany yourself when singing
  • Record your singing
  • Learn more about music theory to help you understand songs better

Awesome! So, when can I start?

That’s the spirit! As soon as possible! There’s a convenient contact form on the right to get in touch!

“ …There are a great number of capable, competent guitarists out there, but what I have found is; just because you can play does not mean you can teach! Sascha (Maevon Music) is by far and away the best guitar teacher I have ever met, it’s what he does for a job ... the whole business is conducted in a professional manner from initial enquiry, invoicing, and the all-important lessons, held in the City at their fully prepared teaching room at The Piano, or in the well presented studio in his home, I committed to a year of studying with him and I have to say I have come away a better, more competent and knowledgeable player, he really knows his stuff…”

Mark Lewis

"Beatrice has musical knowledge which gives all her lessons a great depth of meaning. Able to lightly coerce you into making a sound, Beatrice’s lovely manner enables you to participate in the dream of singing, while helping you learn to stretch and develop your voice - AND have Fun while you are doing it! I would totally recommend Beatrice as a singing teacher."


"I'd tried several other guitar teachers and Sascha was definitely the most knowledgeable and encouraging. I've learned so much about technique, music theory, and how to play my favorite songs, and my confidence has improved immensely."

Ami Ockey

"Sascha is a very motivating guitar teacher with high skills and great patience for his students. I learned a lot from him and enjoyed every single class. Also his nicely self-prepared teaching material is very helpful and encouraging."

Sonja Fiege-Eberh

"What do you need from a guitar tutor besides being amazing at playing the guitar? Being able to teach! and Sascha does that extremely well. He teaches in a way that is easy to follow, he's got tons of materials, and he is focused on you becoming a better guitar player. And I like his sense of humor too. The studio itself is setup professionally and is a great space for learning. My experience is amazing and I learned a lot from him. Become a better player, book your lessons today!"

Edsant Obillo
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