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  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Music Education; Diploma of Teaching Itinerant/Community; Diploma of Teaching Secondary
  • Pricing: $40 half hour - $80 per hour
  • Styles: Traditional, Classical, Modern
  • Suitability: Age 4 upwards...


I am an enthusiastic NZ trained, fully registered, experienced  Violin/Viola teacher for all ages. I organise Concerts, group performing opportunities and optional exam completion for my students or just playing for enjoyment in between a busy life schedule.

You organise lessons with me directly, therefore no added on Music School fees and I have noticed that although I am an advanced player, my specialised teacher training and decades of experience, (Auckland University/Auckland College of Education) helps enhance my communication and pedagogy with student and family in a down to earth manner.

Over twenty years, I have taught more than 400 lovely students the Violin/Viola and I am keen to share this wonderful activity with many more. Some have gone on to do Performance Violin at University, become Violin teachers/Performers themselves or play in ensembles. Teaching students to play longterm as the instrument becomes part of their identity is part of my philosophy and as a Mum, I believe playing an instrument is one of the best gifts we can give children/teenagers/ourselves!

I currently teach the Violin/Viola in Auckland schools and have availability for some private students in my Mt Albert studio.

I have a Bachelor of Music Education, (papers in Violin Performance, David Nalden, David Matthews – Medici Quartet) and a Diploma of Teaching from Auckland University and I perform regularly in various Auckland orchestras and ensembles.

Give me a call to organise a lesson for you child or yourself!



Teaching Info

I voraciously read String Teacher Books/Magazines at University, I have more than 200 books regarding teaching, have been on Suzuki gatherings, paid for my own travel to go to overseas String Teacher Conferences and keeping up with technology, use fun backings on my Fitbit & UE Boom during lessons.

I have worked as a Professional player as well as a trained and experienced teacher. I have been able to inspire and enjoy all ages and cultural backgrounds and teach using methods related to students age and personality.

I care about my students not just as Violin/Viola music machines but how learning this instrument can make them more intelligent, confident, expressive and resilient! (although I have high expectations about technique also – for individual students especially!).

Feel free to email or call me with any questions you have!



My experience with Mei Fong Edgar as my violin teacher has been nothing short of fantastic. Over the span of 5 years, I've transitioned from a complete beginner to playing pieces at a grade 6/7 level. Mei Fong's teaching methods are easy to understand because of her ability to simplify complex violin techniques and reading music, which has allowed me to progress rapidly. Mei Fong’s strength is not only her expertise in teaching but also her genuine commitment to her students. She went above and beyond to connect me with local orchestral groups, providing me with opportunities to develop my ensemble playing skills. Thanks to her guidance, I now feel confident not only in my solo playing but also in performing within a group setting. I wholeheartedly recommend Mei Fong to anyone interested in learning the violin. Her knowledge, patience, and genuine kindness are qualities that are truly hard to come by in a teacher. Warm regards,

Georgia V (In 2024 going to do BioMed)

END OF YEAR CARD 2019 You were my first violin teacher. So in my "musical life" you're a very big part of it. You made me a good violinist and for that I'm very grateful and thankful. Joining Chamber Group, Strings, (group I conducted) improved my playing a lot so thank you for recommending me to join.


END OF YEAR CARD 2019 Dear Ms Edgar, THank you so much for being my viola teacher this year (and last year)! I've learnt so much from you and I can't wait until next year! Have a good holiday!