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Pieter Bos

Piano Lessons | Keyboard Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Ensemble Coaching, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, NCEA Music Tutoring, Skype Lessons

  • Qualifications: P.G.Dip.Teach, B.Mus; Adv. Dip Jazz; Dip.ABRSM; B.Sc, IRMT(Member).
  • Pricing: $32 - 1/2Hr (Discount for 10 lessons). Adv. Piano & Jazz: $70/Hr - (Discount for 5 lessons).
  • Styles: ALL STYLES! Classical, Pop. Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock. Specialist in Jazz & Improv/Creative Music.
  • Suitability: All Ages, Levels, Styles! Children & Adults Welcome! Keyboard & Piano Jazz & NCEA.


KIA  ORA!    In late 2015, I returned to Wellington, after living abroad performing & traveling with music for 12 years prior! Now, having re-established my earlier 8 year teaching career (from 1996 – 2004) – it is fantastic to be reconnected these last three years in Wellington & its creative music community! I am eager & passionate to continue sharing my 13 years teaching experience & over 20 years performance experience! – in Piano Keyboard Jazz & Music.! Based in Mt Cook, Wellington, I specialize in piano/keyboard, jazz/improvisation & popular music education – for ALL ages & abilities.  I have secondary teachers music training so also familiar with NCEA, lesson/unit planning and structure; & understanding the differing needs of each student.  Currently, in addition to my private practice; I teach itinerant piano at secondary schools, saturday morning children’s keyboard classes, & continuing adult education music classes. References & Referees Available.  Ph:  0212056473  Also see:   Email:

FUN FUN FUN!    All music lessons must be FUN! – and meet the individual needs of each student. Be it learning to play a few simple songs, OR, follow a long-term path, – understanding melody, harmony and rhythm fully;  – I aim to encourage students to direct their own learning; – and foster good habits, technical skills that promote creative musical enquiry. I like to go the extra mile to ensure each student can develop musically on their own, and direct their own musical journey!.                        

UP  TO  YOU! HOW  YOU’D  LIKE  LESSONS  SCHEDULED!  I understand every-ones requirements (and busy life schedules!) are different! Young students often prefer regular weekly half hour lessons, whilst adults/jazz students may prefer “flexible” fortnightly/monthly lessons for an hour or more. Happy to chat & discuss what you require & requested learning outcomes, specific skills. Please request discounted introductory first lesson with mention of nzmusicteachers website – to see how lessons work!. No obligation to continue. Block bookings preferred thereafter – for total of 5 hours. (Either 10 x 30min lessons OR 5 x 1 hrs lessons) – so I can tailor make your series of lessons – just for you!  Please feel free to call & chat about your musical requirements!.   Cheers!  Pieter Bos.  
Ph: 0212056473


  • Classical Piano from 7 years. -Grade 7; Commenced Jazz Studies age 17.
  • 1999: B.Mus. (Jazz Piano).
  • 2000: Post Graduate Diploma Teaching  (Secondary Music Teaching).
  • 2000: ABRSM Dip. Jazz Teach. (Scholarship, London) Jazz teaching and performance techniques.
  • 2016:  Sec. Teachers Refresher Cert. (NZ Teachers Council # 205899).
  • 1995:  B.Sc  (Psychology, Physiology).

TEACHING EXPERIENCE:  Before heading overseas in 2004 to perform; – from 1995 – 2004, Pieter built a strong reputation as a successful Piano teacher in Wellington. Teaching Itinerant music at over 16 schools; – Pieter taught Piano & Keyboard & specialist Jazz Education; – to individuals & groups of all ages & abilities. Pieter is equally skilled & passionate at teaching beginners keyboards as he is for his specialty of Jazz Piano, advanced theory, improvisation, NCEA and mentoring Jazz & Contemporary Music Bands (References & Referees available)

Children & Beginners:   Currently: Wellington Music Center (Saturday Mornings).  1996 – 2004:  Technics Music Academy, Raroa Music School, Hutt Intermediate Keyboard, Newlands Intermediate, Island Bay Music School, Wellesley Collegiate, Private Practice.

Secondary Schools:  Currently:  St Patricks College, Silverstream (Piano Tutor 2 Days per week). 1996 – 2004:  Scots, Petone, Onlsow, Naenae, Bishop Viard, Porirua, Sacred Heart, Rongotai, St Patricks Colleges.

Tertiary/Adults:  Currently:  Wellington High School – Adult Community Education.  Preparing students for Massey & Victoria University music degrees. 1996 – 2004: National High Schools Jazz Workshop (2000, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2011). 2008: Massey University Tutor: Jazz combos and latin ensembles.

PERFORMANCE  EXPERIENCESince 1997 Pieter has worked extensively as a pianist, keyboardist & vocalist in bands, large ensembles and leading trios & quartets. This, along with strong technique and sound knowledge of theory, harmony & improvisation; – has enabled him to develop a unique creative performance style. This versatility & skill has enabled Pieter to teach all styles of music -Popular, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, – to Easy Listening & Classical Music.  International  Performance Experience includes piano & vocal residencies with Hyatt, Sheraton and Shilla Hotels – in South Korea, Argentina, & Japan. From 2011 – 2014  Pieter lived & performed as piano/vocal entertainer in South Korea. Prior, from 2004 – 2010 – he travelled the globe, performing in most musical genres & capacities, for many cruise lines.


Teaching Info

FUN  FUN  FUN!    All music lessons should be Fun! & serve the individual needs of each student. Be it learning to play a few songs of choice, or follow a long-term path;  – I aim to encourage students to direct their own learning; – and foster good habits & technical skills that will encourage further creative musical enquiry.   In all lessons – Repertoire, Ear training, Sight Reading & Musicianship is taught. Irrespective of age & ability, – in all lessons students will learn some fundamental technical aspects ad theoretical (harmonic, chord-scale relationships) – principles. These are built on in subsequent lessons to be used in music reading, theory & understanding & use in improvisation.

Beginners  &  Children:  Of course require a little more guidance and direction. My primary goal is to foster a lifetime of musical enjoyment in young students! I believe the key to teaching music to children is loads! of enthusiasm & energy!  Individual piano & keyboard classes start around age 7 upward and are very interactive. Along with learning fun, personally chosen – songs, children & beginners will develop strong reading & listening skills and some basic creative skills.

Specialty Jazz, Blues, Pop lessons:  Focus on different musical styles, history and more advanced concepts of harmony, (chord-scale relationship for chart reading & improvisation).  You will be able to compose & improvise simple tunes & ideas. As well, & read, interpret & play “leadsheets” of popular or jazz songs (chords & melody). Classes are often for those with a few years of basic understanding of piano. After a series of lessons students will have the  tools to play interpret & self direct their own learning of songs.               Please feel free to call & chat!  Thanks for reading! PieterBos              Ph: 0212056473





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