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Shaan Singh

Shaan Singh

Kapiti Coast

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  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Music - Jazz performance and composition
  • Pricing: 1h lessons $90, 30m lessons $50
  • Styles: Jazz, Classical, Pop, Blues, anything and everything!
  • Suitability: All skill levels and ages


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Multi instrumentalist with a Bachelor of Music majoring in Jazz from the New Zealand School of Music, Shaan is the lead singer and saxophone player for Drax Project.

With more than 20 platinum certifications in Australia and NZ and 2 US gold records with his band Drax Project, Shaan is one of New Zealands most accomplished song writers.

Available currently for online zoom/skype lessons and in person lessons from December 2023 in Paraparaumu.

“I am excited to share my musical experience and help people achieve their musical goals. I have always loved teaching yet have not had the time. I have limited availability to take on a few students who are serious about music”

Teaching Info


I’ll take you though the process of writing a complete song. You’ll learn:

  • Song structure
  • Importance of rhythm in melody
  • How to write ‘catchy’ hooks
  • Story telling through lyrics.
  • How to record your songs and release them to the world

Jazz composition students are welcome also who want to learn more about:

  •  Writing for small and large ensembles
  •  Harmonizing and arranging songs for band and jazz/classical orchestras.
  • Odd time signatures
  • Reharmonization


Players of all levels are welcome and will learn:

  • How to produce good tone
  • The difference between and importance of – time and feel
  • Ear training
  • Learning (transcribing) ‘by ear’.

Beginner – Intermediate players will be encouraged also to try classical grading if they are interested.

Advanced players – Whatever they need but Shaan encourages a focus on melodic improvisation, listening and transcribing by ear.


I studied classical theory to grade 8 during highschool and have a great understanding of jazz and popular music theory through studies at the NZSM.

Theory doesn’t have to be scary, it’s just a theory remember!

  • Learn basic music theory so you can communicate to other musicians
  • Graded theory studies to a tertiary level
  •  Jazz theory and harmony

Guitar, Bass

Beginner levels are welcome. Learn:

  •  How to play and learn by ear
  •  How to play in a band
  •  Learn to play and sing at the same time


Beginner – Intermediate students are welcome. Learn:

  • How to play by ear
  • How to read and complete grades piano study
  • How to be a accompanist to singers and other lead instruments

Advanced piano players wouldn’t find much to learn from me here other than learning about jazz harmony and song writing.


I’m happy to teach singing if people want to learn from me. I just would like people to know that I myself still go to singing lessons with Charles William Humphreys who teaches in Lower Hutt, Wellington.

Singing is my main thing professionally and singing with Drax Project of course but I haven’t studied singing like I’ve studied other instruments and still consider myself a learning student.

I would focus more on

  • Recording your own voice
  • Editing vocals
  • Improve your ear
  • Jazz and popular music

I studied singing after University with Charles William Humpreys. I recommend people looking to learn classical technique and how to sing with good health and gain confidence in their own voice to go to Charles. I still take lessons with Charles.
You can find Charles here

Music production/mixing/DAW:

Anything music production related that you might want to learn: beatmaking, song writing, sampling, recording, mixing etc.

Shaan is a very patient teacher with an amazing ability to communicate with people of all ages that makes music feel easy and approachable.

Soren Ebbet
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