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Vlog #2 | Tomplay a Sheet Music App and Playalongs for Teachers

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Tomplay is an interactive sheet music app that we love and in this vlog with interviewed Domingo Fernandez from their team to talk about how teachers and students are using it in their lessons.

Key takeaways if you are looking to move into more dynamic interactive lessons with your students using a tablet or computer to display sheet music:

  • No more bad quality MIDI! Your students can now play thousands of scores either solo, or in duets, trios, quartets, or orchestral pieces, all with high quality audio tracks, which we’ve recorded or licensed with our partner Deutsche Grammophon.
  • Your students can record and re-listen to themselves play!
  • Easily annotate, highlight, or erase annotations on the score in a single step, just like on a paper score, but better!
  • Share annotated scores and recordings with your students
  • Your students can practice with a metronome or or tune their instrument with the tuning fork feature.
  • Your students can slow down or speed up the music’s tempo to adjust it to their level.
  • Your students can learn a specific passage of a piece by looping it, without interruption!
  • Print the score with your annotations.
  • Our catalogue contains more than 10,000 interactive scores for 12 instruments. You’ll also find exercises for your beginner students, arrangements, and original classical pieces, as well as jazz, pop, rock and film music.

Join the Tomplay affiliate programme

Join our affiliate program and help us promote Tomplay!

You can spread the word about Tomplay to your network of musicians and students and in exchange, as part of their affiliate program, you will get a 25% commission on all net sales you’ve generated. They also offer you a free one-year Premium subscription for you to enjoy and make use of during your lessons, as well as a special discount voucher for your students and music colleagues.

The Tomplay app offers a rich catalogue of sheet music titles for all instruments synchronized with high-quality backing tracks, with the possibility of using them on your computer, iPad/tablet or even your smartphone. You will find arrangements for all levels, from beginners to advanced, including a repertoire filled with the most influential musical masterpieces of all time.

With the Tomplay annual subscription, you have unlimited access free-of-charge to the 20,000+ scores in our catalogue for all instruments and all levels.

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How it works

If you’d like to join, simply reach out to the e-mail address; once we receive an e-mail displaying your interest, we’ll guide you through the activation steps and final a tailored approach that would suit you best.