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Victoria Norgrove

Victoria Norgrove


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  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Music Composition
  • Pricing: $30 per Half Hour, $50 per Hour
  • Styles: Classical, Jazz
  • Suitability: All Ages, ABRSM Grade Levels 1-5


Post Graduate of The New Zealand School of Music, Victoria Norgrove has been a passionate student of music for well over a decade. She strives to be an understanding, open-minded, and adaptable teacher to provide the best experience for her each of her students’ learning styles and needs.

Victoria has twelve years of trumpet performance experience and eight years of  music theory and composition experience. She has completed her NCEA Music internals and externals with Merit and Excellence Endorsements, and completed her Undergraduate Bachelors Degree and Postgraduate Diploma. She has also undertaken the ABRSM exams for trumpet performance and music theory with her highest grade of 95% in Grade 5 Music Theory in 2016.

From intermediate age, Victoria has participated in national competitions traveling across the country performing in jazz bands and concert wind bands such as the multi-award winning North Shore Youth Symphonic Wind Band as a trumpet player. Locations include Auckland city, Gisborne, Whangarei, and Wellington city. Her skills even garnered opportunities for many solo performances and features. She also has a passion for music history so she can learn from the great composers leading up to the present day, showing that her main goal in life is to never stop learning.

Victoria now wishes to inspire and nurture the same passions in other minds, young and old.

Teaching Info


The material I will teach in these lessons will be ABRSM theory papers and trumpet performance standard, along with the NCEA/NZQA success criteria. For composition students, I will use Elaine Gould’s well written book “Behind Bars: The Definitive Guide to Music Notation” and the teachings of lecturers at the New Zealand School of Music. I also have practice books by famous trumpet player and jazz composer, Allen Vizzuti, to support certain exercises. Finally, I have fun scores from movies such as The Lord of The Rings trilogy to learn and analyse. I wish to be as understanding, open-minded, and adaptable as possible so all of my students get the best experience and have fun!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Victoria has been acting as a Trumpet Teacher for our daughter Ada, now 10, since Feb-2022.  I was impressed by how quickly she established a rapport with Ada.  Victoria is always bright, and cheerful, no matter my daughter’s mood or struggles, and works hard to pick her up when she falls down, metaphorically speaking.   [Over the years] Ada has learnt better technique, improved her attitude towards practice, is better able to deal with her feelings when struggling with a piece, and as a net result is far more confident with her music. It has been wonderful to see her growth. […] I would definitely recommend [Victoria] to any of my friends!

Derek Harland (Parent of Student)

[Victoria] has been my online tutor since February 2022. Although we have never met in person, she has greatly helped me in many elements of trumpet playing. In the beginning of my lessons, it was awkward and quite difficult to learn because we were doing lessons online. […] She instructed me on proper breathing and posture. Then, she helped me expand my range from barely being able to play a high E to a top C and strengthen my endurance. She has been a wonderful mentor who cares about her students and has helped me play more confidently. For example, when I had a concert in December last year, she was willing to spend extra time so I could go over all my orchestra pieces until I felt sure that I could hit all my high notes and my dynamics was flowing. She was also willing to experiment with the type of music I learned so, I can play the music that I enjoyed. […] I would highly recommend her to other students because she listens and is very encouraging. Most importantly, she makes trumpet playing fun.

Orion B. Masters
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