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Rotorua Piano Lessons

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Alice Letts

Organ Lessons, Piano Lessons | Theory Lessons, Music And Movement For Under Fives

  • Suburb: Hillcrest 3015
  • Styles: classical, gospel

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Kathryn Lauder

Piano Lessons | Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, NCEA Music Tutoring

  • Suburb: Lynmore
  • Styles: Classical, Modern, Jazz

Kathryn is a registered teacher with over 20 years of experience in music education. She has a busy piano studio and works part time as a specialist teacher in local schools. In addition to her piano and classroom teaching, Kathryn is an experienced ensemble director, arranger, composer and adjudicator. A gra...

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Annamarie Harris

Piano Lessons | Theory Lessons

  • Suburb: Pukehangi
  • Styles: All styles but mainly Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Boogie and Blues, Musical Theatre

I am a 55 year old mother, grandmother, music teacher and past secondary school teacher of English, Drama, Music and Mathematics. I run my own private business and have done so since the age of 15, therefore I am celebrating 40 years of being involved with music teaching. I teach piano, keyboards, singing, recorde...

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