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Christchurch Euphonium Lessons
  • Suburb: Christchurch
  • Styles: Classical & Contemporary Styles

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Christchurch Euphonium Lessons
  • Suburb: Papanui
  • Styles: Traditional Brass, Classical and Jazz

Tyme Marsters has emerged as a leading figure in New Zealand brass banding.¬†After completing a 20-year career as a military musician I retired from the NZ Army to become the founder, director and principal tutor of Brass Factory Canterbury. I have worked with numerous artists, which has helped develop…

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Christchurch Euphonium Lessons
  • Location: Christchurch
  • Styles: NZ Modern School of Music curriculum

Our motto is Love Music, Learn Music. Our mission statement is: Fostering success through musicianship, education and relationships. We hope to create a relationship with our community and our students! Join our musical community! Contact us today!

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