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Guitar Lessons |  | Theory Lessons, Online Lessons
  • Suburb: Fairhall
  • Styles: Classical guitar

Described as “…a performer of virtuosic ability and one of the new generation of recitalists and gifted players from around the world” Matthew Marshall is one of New Zealand’s leading classical guitarists. In a prize-winning career spanning nearly 40 years, Matthew has given over 2000 performances throughout Europe, Asia,…

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Piano Lessons |  Keyboard Lessons, | Aural Lessons, Theory Lessons, Online Lessons
  • Suburb: Springlands
  • Styles: Classical, jazz, popular, any requests!

With a focus on efficient practice and having fun, my lessons explore different ways of practicing, enjoying and thinking about music. In-person lessons are available in Blenheim, but I also offer online lessons. Please get in touch if you're interested or would like any more information.

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