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Rachel Bayliss

pop / folk / jazz / contemporary styles

Everyone can learn to sing. Singing is not just for people on TV, it belongs to all of us. It's fun, energizing and deeply satisfying. Singing offers you all sorts of health benefits too - from better heart health and improved confidence, to building your sense of connection with the people around you. …

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Virginia Humphrey-Taylor

Pop, rock, choral, Karaoke, jazz, opera, barbershop

Sing with artistry and finesse. Learn how to be successful with breath management so your vocal instrument, your voice, will sound beautiful and be easy to use. Enjoy your lessons, learn much more than you ever imagined you could about singing well.…

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Spiderhands Productions Limited

Any style that our students want to learn.

With professional tutors offering high-quality lessons for musicians of all ages and stages, we are the company that can provide the best instrument and/or vocal tuition for you. Free first 1/2hr lesson for new students. For more information about our lessons, visit…

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More Teachers who offer Christchurch Singing Lessons

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Jasmine Webster

Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Pop, Classical, Jazz and more

Find Your Voice is all about individuals learning to sing, demonstrate strong vocal technique and develop performance skills. A chance for a person at any level of experience to learn how to use their voice and develop confidence in music performance. Lessons are located in different areas around Christchurch. …

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Lisa Tui Jonathan

Contemporary - Music Theatre, Folk, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Waiata Maori

Everyone can learn to sing. The best way is to start and develop as you grow. With guidance and awareness you'll inevitably improve and begin to achieve the goals you wish to. With over 15 years of experience teaching, Lisa assists singers to gain confidence and skill whether in groups, choirs or individuals p…

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Claire Coleman

Pop, Folk, Country...... Your style

Claire is passionate about teaching the art of singing and making it accessible and fun. She has a Bachelor of Musical Arts, majoring in vocals, and teaches from her own experience as a singer, songwriter and musician. Claire has many years experience working with children and quickly establishes a good repport wit…

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Lucy Hiku

Pop and contemporary styles

I have studied at Jazz School, firstly completing a Certificate in Contemporary Music, then a Diploma in Commercial Music. Music has been in my bones since I was small, as my mother was a music teacher and we lived in a house full of music. Performing, writing music and recording are as much of a musical passion for me…

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Chantelle Marie Rakich

Contemporary, Jazz, Classical

Chantelle has been teaching and performing for many years, and really loves to share her knowledge of voicecraft with students, while watching their confidence bloom. She has taught at various schools around Christchurch as well as at the Christchurch Contemporary Music Centre and from her home. Chantelle's performa…

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Benjamin Russell

Voice/Guitar/Songwritting (rock, pop, blues, folk)

Voice/Guitar/Songwritting (rock, pop, blues, folk) Ben brings a wealth of real life experience to help you become a confident singer, and guitarist. You will be able to relax and have fun! Ben has been teaching students of all ages for over 15 years. Ben teaches guitar chords and vocal technique to students looking to strum and sing. Ben is a master of encouraging students to step out of their shell and play great music. Students learn how to coordinate playing guitar and singing. Ben specializes in rock, pop blues & folk styles. Ben is the lead singer, lead guitarist and co-leader of the Canadian band Bluestone. Ben has toured coast to coast and recorded four albums with Bluestone. You can read more about Ben on his website…

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Valerie Wycoff with glasses

Valerie Wycoff

Musical Theatre and Classical

Valerie Wycoff has taught singing for over 25 years. She is a Certifed Feldenkrais Practitioner and enjoys working with instrumentalists as well as singers to alleviate performance anxiety, postural and overuse concerns, and other movement challenges. She is passionate about helping musicians to create moving perform…

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Loren Easterbrook

Jazz, Contemporary, Rock

Loren has been teaching ukulele and singing for seven years. She has a Bachelor of Music from Christchurch Polytechnic and is currently taking on students who are interested in contemporary, rock and jazz singing and developing musicianship skills. She encourages her students to achieve to a high level, in an encoura…

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Elly Rydge

Jazz, Classical, Pop/Rock and a wide range of Contemporary Styles

ONLY TIMES LEFT 2.00-3.00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 2.00-4.00 pm Thursday Saturday 4.30-5.00 pm …

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Sammy Jay Dawson

Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk, Country, Alternative, Indie, Metal, Soul, RnB

Since picking up guitar at age 5, I have been lucky enough to travel the world playing music, teaching hundreds of students along the way as well as performing at venues across the globe. Growing up in the farmlands of West Canterbury in the 1990's, Country & Western and Outlaw music was my first love, followed …

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Alice Tanner

Jazz | Pop | Musical Theatre | Songwriting | Basic Piano Skills |

Alice Tanner is a professional singer performing around New Zealand. She performs in many groups, including covers bands, jazz bands, duos, originals bands and also solo. She studied at CPIT Jazz School, and has a Bachelor of Musical Arts majoring in Jazz Vocals. A classical background with Grade 8 in Cello (Trinit…

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Shelley Spang

all styles covered

Born and raised in Christchurch, Shelley Spang began her musical career at the age of four with piano lessons with the late Verna Anderson. In 1988, Shelley graduated from Canterbury University with a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in vocal performance under the tutelage of Mary Adams-Taylor. Shelley also holds LTC…

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Eleanor Sim

All styles

Eleanor is a trained primary and secondary teacher and brings a wealth of experience as a classroom teacher, school leader, choir director and as a private singing teacher. Eleanor continues to perform as a soprano soloist with many choirs throughout New Zealand and is a member of The Opera Club and chorus of New …

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Sade Sanders

Jazz, Soul, Funk, Pop

CURRENTLY NOT TEACHING. Kia Ora! Thanks for clicking on my page! I have been singing for most of my life and have always had a huge passion for music! I am a graduate of the New Zealand School of Music where I majored in jazz vocals. I actively gig around Christchurch singing all types of genres! If …

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Ryan Neville

All Styles

Ryan has taught many guitarist and singers throughout the world for over 2o years Based in Christchurch, New Zealand now the owner of Voodoo Music Studio where he teaches over 25 students 1 on 1 once a week. Having performed in parts of the world such as the USA, Australia and Italy Ryan has a very vast knowledge of…

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Cameron Stewart

Jazz, pop/rock, musical theatre

Cameron is a young voice coach with significant experience in working with both male and female voices. A graduand of the CPIT Music Arts programme, he has been studying singing for nearly 15 years, and teaching for 5 years. Cameron began as a classical choral singer, being a member of the acclaimed Christchurch Boy…

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Zara Ballara

Classical and Music Theatre

Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Zara began her formal vocal studies with Mary Adams Taylor and then with Emily Mair at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. She graduated in 1997 with a Masters Degree in performance and that same year left New Zealand for Britain. In 1998 Zara continued her Postgraduate st…

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Kate Anastasiou

contempoary, blues, jazz

I have been playing guitar and singing since I was a teenager. I have studied a wide variety of styles and techniques and love helping people discover their own path with music. I have been gigging professionally in Christchurch since 2009 and can help students that are interested in performing to gain the skills nece…

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