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Wellington Guitar Lessons

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Apollo Music

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Khandallah
  • Styles: All genres, from jazz and classical to rock and metal

Begin your musical journey with us, or take your skills to the next level in our tailored one-on-one lessons. We provide professional quality lessons in the Khandallah/Johnsonville area. If you’re looking to start learning an instrument, or to take your skills to the next level, then you’ve come to the right place. ...

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Jules Blewman

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Ngaio
  • Styles: Jazz, Classical, Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Pop / Contemporary etc

Jules is a professional guitarist based in Wellington. He has been a regular fixture on the local and national music scene, performing hundreds of shows across some of the countries leading venues, events and festivals. After discovering a strong passion for music he went on to complete his degree in Jazz per...

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The Rock Academy – Mobile Lessons – Holiday Programmes – Band School

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Wellington
  • Styles: Pop, rock, blues, folk, country, spanish, classical, funk, jazz and heavy metal.

Mobile Music Lessons - Holiday Programmes - Band School ...

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Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: CENTRAL WELLINGTON - Lessons in the privacy of your own home are also an option.

Your musical goals, whatever they may be, are really important. And with over 20 years experience teaching all levels, ages, and styles, I believe I can help you reach them. With an approach that's custom tailored to your needs, the main aim is for you to walk away from each lesson inspired to go home and practice! ...


Bryn van Vliet

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Te Aro
  • Styles: Jazz, Classical, Pop, Contemporary

Hi there, I am a professional musician based in Wellington, graduating from Te Koki New Zealand School of Music in 2014 with a Bachelor of Music with Honours majoring in Jazz performance. I have been playing since the age of 11, when I started learning the saxophone at school, from there it’s been a whi...

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Mat Enright

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Brooklyn
  • Styles: blues, reggae, jazz, swing, folk, pop, fingerstyle guitar

I started playing music at age 5, with keyboard lessons, and took up trumpet at age 8. Since then I have been heavily involved in music and have played professionally since 2011, when I began to teach myself guitar, at one point completing 365 solo guitar and vocal performances in a year. I have taught...

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Gunter Herbig

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Hataitai
  • Styles: Classical guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, improvisation, finger-style. Skype lessons available

Gunter Herbig was born in Brazil and grew up in Portugal and Germany. Influenced by such different cultures and aesthetic languages, he has developed a highly personal, charismatic, and expressive style of playing and performance. The balance of Brazilian sensuousness, intense ...

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Goodtime Music Academy

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Servicing the greater Wellington region
  • Styles: All the good ones ;)

We provide the greatest musical experiences for young people in the greater Wellington region. Contact us today to book a FREE TRIAL on the instrument of your choice. ...

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More Teachers who offer Wellington Guitar Lessons

Ben O’Leary

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Newtown
  • Styles: Rock, Blues, Soul, R&B, Pop, Funk, Reggae, Metal

Hello! I am a professional musician currently playing guitar for the Wellington based band Drax Project. We have played countless shows across New Zealand, and are making our mark on Australian stages. My music career started at age 15 whilst touring around the North Island alongside for...

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Adrian Jensen

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Kingston, Wellington
  • Styles: Gypsy Jazz, Swing Jazz, Blues

Adrian Jensen is a Wellington based guitarist who has been playing guitar professionally across Wellington and New Zealand since 2011. His main focus is acoustic guitar, gypsy jazz, early jazz and swing guitar, playing in bands such as Black Spider Stomp, The Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band, The Dancing and ...

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Rata Studios School of Music

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Miramar
  • Styles: Jazz, Rock, Classical, Blues, Funk, Soul etc.

A Conservatoire for Everybody Started in February 2016, we introduced an exciting new development for musicians in Wellington, a music school with a difference. Using the best musicians and teachers available, known professionals in their fields, this music school runs along the lines of a conservatoir...

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James Paul

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Newtown
  • Styles: All

James Paul is a 29 year-old professional guitar player and educator with a BMus (First Class Hons) in Jazz Performance from the New Zealand School of Music. After this he had a term on scholarship studying at the University of North Carolina. ...

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Garam Jung

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Te Aro
  • Styles: Jazz, classical, funk, pop, rock, hiphop, soul, reggae, Latin, African, Brazilian music, etc

Hello, I am a professional musician based in Wellington, originally from Korea, playing various gigs and events and teaching private classes full time. I started playing and taking classical lessons on piano from when I was 6. I started playing bass, guitar and saxophone from when I was a teenager. I studied ...

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Shaan Singh

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Kelburn, Wellington
  • Styles: Jazz, Pop, Funk, Rock, RnB, EDM, Hip-hop

Hi, my name's Shaan, I'm currently taking on new students! Any age, any skill level just get in contact :) "From composing for jazz ensembles and improvising on saxophone, to writing and performing in an electronic pop band, Shaan Singh has a wealth of experience well beyond his years in the industry" ...

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Emily Clemett

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Brooklyn
  • Styles: Folk, Celtic, Ska, Classical, Rock

Multi instrumentalist Emily Clemett is best known for her diverse engagement in the arts scene.  Clemett has been teaching music for 12 years in NZ and the UK, privately, in schools, boutiques, festivals and camps. From 2005-2009 Clemett established her music school in Auckland before moving overseas where she spen...

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Jeremy Desmond

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Island Bay
  • Styles: Jazz, Classical, Blues, Folk, Rock, Pop, Latin, Reggae etc

Lessons from a full-time, professional musician and music teacher with a BMus in Jazz Performance and experience performing and teaching many styles. Over ten years teaching experience and over 20 years playing music. ...

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Justin Firefly Clarke

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Northland
  • Styles: Classical and Jazz, folk and rock, basically all styles with an added passion for "World" music such as from the Balkans, India and some African music.

Justin is a professional musician with a Master’s Degree from The New Zealand School of Music and has studied classical guitar under the tutorage of legendary Matthew Marshall. As an artist he specializes in performance jazz guitar, film composition, songwriting. Justin has performed all over the world winning awa...

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Tyson Smith

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Aro Valley
  • Styles: Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Neo this-and that, Alt what-do-you-call-it

Originally from the South Island, Tyson has been a part of the Wellington music scene for over a decade, performing in a range of styles. He was guitarist with singer Hollie Smith for several years, has released 2 albums under his own name and performed in various productions with the likes of the NZSO. After...

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Royden Smith

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Aro Valley
  • Styles: Classical, Spanish, contemporary, pop, rock

Are you looking for a fun and engaging, experienced guitar teacher? Whether you are interested in learning the guitar, experimenting with different styles and genres, or you want to successfully undertake music exams I am here to help you achieve your musical ambitions. ...

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Encore School of Music

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Brooklyn, Johnsonville, Mt Victoria, Churton Park
  • Styles: All musical genres: Contemporary, classical, opera, jazz, folk, etc

Encore! School of Music is a vibrant and dynamic music school offering lessons in various Wellington locations – Brooklyn, Mt Victoria, Johnsonville and Churton Park. Let our fantastic team help you achieve your musical goals whatever they may be! We have a wide variety of individual and group mus...

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Abi Macilquham

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Newtown
  • Styles: Rock, Pop, Blues, Contemporary, Alternative etc

It's my belief that the benefits of music are for everyone and I'm inspired and committed to teach and collaborate with those who are interested in nurturing their own passion and creativity.  ...

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Steven Beechey

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Kelburn
  • Styles: Jazz, Math/Prog-Rock, Funk/Soul

Versed in a wide variety of musical styles Steven Beechey brings to each lesson 10-15 years playing experience, a wealth of knowledge in all areas of musical practise and a selection of some of the finest teaching resources. ...

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Lauren Armstrong

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Maungaraki, Lower Hutt or Mount Cook (CBD)
  • Styles: Jazz, Pop, Contemporary, Rock, Blues, Improvisation

Maintaining musical individuality is an important aspect of teaching for me. I like to offer students the freedom to express themselves. I am more than happy to teach any skill or age level, as long as the student is willing to put energy into the lessons and dedicate practice time outside of lessons. ...

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Terry Liu

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Berhampore
  • Styles: Acoustic fingerstyle, classical, blues, funk, rock, jazz, slide.

Terry is a Wellington based musician who has a strong passion for music and guitar. Having completed a Bachelor in Applied Arts majoring in music performance, composing and production from Whitireia Polytech, Terry has become a regular fixture in the Wellington music scene. From playing guitar since age 12 Terry has...

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Daniel Sugrue

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Karori
  • Styles: Blues, Rock, Reggae, Metal, Jazz, Country, Pop and more.

Hi, my name is Daniel Sugrue and I am a full time touring musician with over 7 years of professional experience under my belt. I hold a certificate in Contemporary music and a Bachelor of Contemporary Music (BMus) majoring in Guitar and performance. I play in a international touring New Zealand Reggae band that has ...

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Guitar School (Wellington)

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Mt. Victoria
  • Styles: Chords, Tabs, Notation

Tim is one of the leading classical guitarists in the country with over 20 years of experience on the instrument, and is a member of the New Zealand Guitar Quartet. He has studied at university level under perhaps the best classical guitar tutors in the country, Matthew Marshall and Gunter Herbig, graduating with an...

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Mitchell Watson

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: CBD
  • Styles: Contemporary, Rock and Jazz

Mitchell is a multi-talented teaching professional, committed to providing a solid education and installing music appreciation in all students. He has a talent for integrating co-operative learning, multiculturalism and varied lesson plans to provide well-rounded learning experiences for students with a particular f...

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James Geluk

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Aro Valley
  • Styles: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass

I’m a working Double Bass player around Wellington, playing with several different Jazz and Bluegrass groups. I’ve played the Double Bass and Bass for 9 years, and have a Degree in Performance Double Bass from the New Zealand School of Music. In addition to this, I have played guitar for the...

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Symon Palmer

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Newtown
  • Styles: pop/rock, jazz, beginner classical

Symon Palmer has had an active career in the New Zealand music industry since graduating in Christchurch. For five years he has taught bass in the Christchurch School of Music’s Outreach band programme. Working in seven different primary schools he gained practical teaching skills and experience from pioneerin...

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Mark Mazengarb

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Newtown
  • Styles: Acoustic Guitar styles - classical, bluegrass, jazz, folk & country

After graduating from Massey University with a Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance in 2006, Mark has branched out musically and has become a highly diverse musician. Mark has been based in the USA since 2011, touring full time with New York based duo partner Loren Barrigar. Mark has performed in concer...

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Darren Watson

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Khandallah
  • Styles: Delta, Piedmont Blues, Slide Guitar. Electric Blues, Rhythm And Blues.

No-one plays classic rhythm & blues like Darren Watson. Over the better part of three decades he has developed a style that, while touching on all of the greats who inspired him, is personal, powerful and identifiably his own. Watson gained New Zealand-wide fame in the late 1980s as the fresh-faced, young ...

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Aabir Mazumdar

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Karori
  • Styles: Pop, Rock, Blues, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, EDM, Music Production.

I have been a guitar player for 14+ years now and have played in Rock n Roll, Blues, Funk, Pop and solo Jazz settings. I have also produced electronic music for 7+ years now and have produced tracks from several genres including Hip Hop, Trap, Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Trip Hop, Ambient and Downtempo. I ha...

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Ryan Brake

Wellington Guitar Lessons

  • Suburb: Wilton
  • Styles: Jazz, pop/rock styles

Ryan is currently based in Wellington, where he now teaches after completing a Master of Musical Arts degree in jazz composition after studying towards a Bachelor of Music in performance (guitar), and working towards the completion of a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary). In 2012 he was awarded the Nil...

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