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Patricia Wright NEW

Patricia Wright


Patricia Wright, one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed singers, trained in New Zealand with Sister Mary Leo and in Australia with Dame Joan Hammond. She was awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council Grant to further her studies and after graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, received a scholar…

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The Rock Academy


The Rock Academy is a relatively small music school focusing on quality. The lessons are inspirational, fun and thorough. We offer some of the best music teachers in Wellington. Our music teachers have either studied music or have studied, are passionate musicians, and/or play live music extensively around W…

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Goodtime Music Academy Lower Hutt

Lower Hutt

We work with over 30,000 students every year! Get in touch with us today and we'll give you a FREE TRIAL LESSON so you can experience why Goodtime Music Academy is so popular!…

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Eliette’s Music Academy


Eliette's Music Academy offers world renowned programs not yet available to the North Shore. Simply Music Piano, Music Rhapsody for Preschoolers, Singing Lessons and The Songwriting Club are on offer. Group lessons and private. Ages start from as young as 3 months!! CALL NOW 021 067 6333…

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Jorgelina Pérez


Singing lessons for all ages and levels, in a friendly and relaxed environment. I have been trained since a young age in a lot of genres of Popular and Contemporary music, as well as in vocal technique and expression, interpretation, movement and body language. …

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Daphne Payne Lewis


DAPHNE PAYNE LEWIS Auckland Singing teacher/voice coach NY trained professional singer/performer Adults/children, Professional/beginner …

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Maurice Parsons


I teach expansion of range, correct voice placement, to develop the full, natural range, and vowel modification. Please give me a call to discuss your requirements!…

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Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.44.56 pm

Rachel Bayliss


Everyone can learn to sing. Singing is not just for people on TV, it belongs to all of us. It's fun, energizing and deeply satisfying. Singing offers you all sorts of health benefits too - from better heart health and improved confidence, to building your sense of connection with the people around you. …

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Virginia Humphrey-Taylor


Sing with artistry and finesse. Learn how to be successful with breath management so your vocal instrument, your voice, will sound beautiful and be easy to use. Enjoy your lessons, learn much more than you ever imagined you could about singing well.…

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Goodtime Music Academy


We work with over 30,000 students every year! Get in touch with us today and we'll give you a FREE TRIAL LESSON so you can experience why Goodtime Music Academy is so popular!…

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Paloma Bruce Singing Studio


The Paloma Bruce Singing Studio offers private singing lessons to professional/experienced singers and absolute beginners. Paloma Bruce is a lyric coloratura soprano from Wellington, New Zealand. She is a passionate teacher of singing who has spent the last eight years performing and teaching in the United Kingdom. …

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Caroline Manins


Caroline has taught singing technique, performance, jazz and scat for Academia and Community in London, Sydney and New Zealand. She is a specialist jazz teacher / coach, and contemporary technical teacher. She teaches one on one and also runs her own courses in singing and singer education.…

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Schoolgirls playing musical instruments in music class

Encore School of Music


You will LOVE your music lessons with us! We offer a wide variety of individual and group music classes in various Wellington locations. Our students are of ALL AGES (toddlers to adults) and all levels. Our teachers are selected through a rigorous interview process and are excellent at both music and teaching.…

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DeBase Music Centre


Lessons Offered - Guitar (Acoustic, Classical and Electric) - Drums - Piano / Keyboard - Bass - Vocal - Violin Term base enrolment, each term includes 10 lessons. FREE INTRODUCTORY Lesson for new students. From beginner to advanced at all ages.…

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Spiderhands Productions Limited


With professional tutors offering high-quality lessons for musicians of all ages and stages, we are the company that can provide the best instrument and/or vocal tuition for you. Free first 1/2hr lesson for new students. For more information about our lessons, visit…

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Christine Daverne


Daverne School Performing Arts Tauranga. Christine Daverne M.M.S (Distinction); B.A ; Dip Ed; Dip Mus; L.T.C.L Musical Styles - Trinity syllabus Initial - Grade 8 Musical theatre ( singing & drama) Rock & pop singing Young Performers Certificate (4-7 years) Classical Singing Music theory Phone: 0272275281…

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Frank’s Music Studio


Frank Young Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer, Educator. Bachelor of Music; Dip of Jazz; Dip of Music Teaching; Pro Gigging & Tutoring for twenty five years.*Guitar (electric & acoustic) /Bass Lessons; *Vocal coaching (Rock/Pop/Jazz Belting Style).* Band Ensemble Training *Mentoring original music.*Band Hire. …

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Julie Mason


One of NZ's foremost women in jazz, pianist and vocalist Julie Mason has performed extensively at festivals throughout Australasia, and jazz clubs in Paris, Berlin and London. She has recorded five albums. She is a highly experienced tutor and has taught at the NZ School of Music since 2002. …

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More Teachers that offer Singing Lessons


Elisabeth Harris


A qualified classically trained singer, I have had considerable teaching experience across a range of genres and styles. I provide all my pupils with valuable technical knowledge so full vocal potential is reached whilst gaining confidence & musicianship. No matter what age or stage, it's never too late to start sing!…

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Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.27.30 pm

Jasmine Webster


Find Your Voice is all about individuals learning to sing, demonstrate strong vocal technique and develop performance skills. A chance for a person at any level of experience to learn how to use their voice and develop confidence in music performance. Lessons are located in different areas around Christchurch. …

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Lucy Macilquham


Kia Ora, I'm Lucy. I love to sing and to boost the confidence of other singers and help them realise their potential as a vocalist. I have a degree in singing and performing jazz but I am equally as passionate about contemporary music. …

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New Zealand Music Academy


NZMA Creative Arts Centre is a professional institution for artistic education directed by Susan Jung who is a South Korea born New Zealand Flutist. NZMA Creative Arts Centre provides artistic education including; music, fine arts and creative writing. NZMA Creative Arts Centre is situated at 7/7 Dallan place, Al…

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Jeanne Purdy

Palmerston North

Jeanne has a passion and the ability to see a person's indivIduality. Her motto when it comes to singing is to 'Seriously Sing for Fun ". So she looks first at the student's desires and then together a programme is set to fulfill those objectives to a mutual standard. www.jeannepurdysingingschool.yolasite.c…

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Myrna Michell


My usual catch-phrase is 'All things voice and piano'. It covers my broad range of activities as pianist and singer, with groups and with individuals. In order to learn, most people need an opportunity to become creative with a teacher who has experience and knowledge. We also need encouragement to become ourselves! …

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Laura Loach


South Island born and raised soprano, Laura Loach grew up in a small town which had many and varied performance opportunities from Barbershop to Musical Theatre to Jazz and Classical performance. Here she found her passion for performance and fell in love with both musical theatre and classical genres. During this time…

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Paule Guitar profile pic02

Paule (Rapid Vocal Results)


I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced through to professionals (recording artists). Every session is customised specifically to the needs of my client and their immediate vocal goals. Are you doing everything you should be doing to reduce the time it takes to safely grow your singing voice? …

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Manawatu Musician Makers

Palmerston North

Based in Palmerston North in New Zealand, Musician Makers (MMM) is a music school run by musicians, for musicians (and budding musicians) to learn, improve and showcase their talents. Through our lessons, concerts and performances we provide tutoring for all levels, abilities and age ranges in guitar, bass, vocals, ke…

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Clare Martin


All singers from beginners to professionals. Establish excellent vocal foundation for rock, pop, music theatre, opera, classical and stage work. Unlock effective breath support, improve vocal range, increase power and expression. Achieve greater confidence in your singing within six lessons. …

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Claire Coleman


Claire is passionate about teaching the art of singing and making it accessible and fun. She has a Bachelor of Musical Arts, majoring in vocals, and teaches from her own experience as a singer, songwriter and musician. Claire has many years experience working with children and quickly establishes a good repport wit…

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Mary Newland


In 1982 I was accepted to tour with the Continental Singers which is an American Christian Singing group based in California. I completed two tours with the first visiting the U.S.A., Spain, Greece, and France; and the second to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. I have been teaching since 1985 when I began Marys Mus…

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Sammy Jay Dawson


Since picking up guitar at age 5, I have been lucky enough to travel the world playing music, teaching hundreds of students along the way as well as performing at venues across the globe. Growing up in the farmlands of West Canterbury in the 1990's, Country & Western and Outlaw music was my first love, followed …

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Valerie Wycoff with glasses

Valerie Wycoff


Valerie Wycoff has taught singing for over 25 years. She is a Certifed Feldenkrais Practitioner and enjoys working with instrumentalists as well as singers to alleviate performance anxiety, postural and overuse concerns, and other movement challenges. She is passionate about helping musicians to create moving perform…

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Tim Burkhill


I have involved in musical theatre and opera professionally since my late teens have performed in a number of roles and are currently offering tuition in contemporary and classical voice to all levels. in 2015 I worked with a number of students from juniors to senior levels within the school system as well as rec…

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Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.17.45 pm

Jann McMichael


Jann empowers singers to free vocal expression and sing with confidence. To release the total voice and breathing and get the fullest vocal strength. Jann helps singers from keen amateurs to professional singers in the art of freeing the voice and very importantly the breathing mechanism. Confidence and vocal streng…

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Danie Erickson


Danie teaches both amateur and professional vocalists. She works with her students to help strengthen their voice, whilst maintaining overall vocal health. Danie teaches vocal technique, however for the more confident singers, Danie can also teach in more depth about performance / stage presence and vocal onsets.…

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Jennifer Austin


Teaching highlights Taught the winner of New Zealand's X Factor 2013 Jackie Thomas Here is a quote directly from her: I had never had a singing lesson pre - x factor, so I contacted Jennifer just a week before I was due to sing at judges retreats in Rarotonga. I was a very very shy singer (and person) and she helped …

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Lisa Tui Jonathan


Everyone can learn to sing. The best way is to start and develop as you grow. With guidance and awareness you'll inevitably improve and begin to achieve the goals you wish to. With over 15 years of experience teaching, Lisa assists singers to gain confidence and skill whether in groups, choirs or individuals p…

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Deneé Patton


If you've been searching for a fun and friendly environment for yourself or your child to develop as a singer then look no further. My passion is to see a person's confidence and enjoyment in their craft increase. In my classes I believe it is important to explore a range of genres with the individual whilst embeddi…

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Bridget Telfer


Bridget Telfer Singing Studio Singing teacher/Performer with 30 years experience. Specialising in Musical theatre and Contemporary singing styles. Lessons catered for students from 6 yrs to adults. Well known for running a successful studio in Dunedin and Australia over the last 30 years.…

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Sing School


Devonport Music -We are offering sing lesson, Guitar lesson and piano and junior music group lesson(age 4-6 olds). At Sing School we offer group, Duo, and individual Lessons. We assist through graded exams/NCEA requirements and anything onwards from there. For more details please visit our school website: www…

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Olivia Webb


Olivia recently completed her Masters in Performance at Auckland University of Technology. She began her singing career studying musical theatre and contemporary pop music, before training as a classical soprano specialising in early ensemble choral music. She has experience tutoring singers and actors of all ages.…

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Helene Holman


Want to improve your self confidence? Always wanted to learn how to sing or take part in a drama class? Well Helene enthusiastically creates a safe, fun and artist environment in which students can push their own boundaries, develop their skills and confidence whilst enjoying the wonderful world of theatre and music.…

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Sharleyne Diamond


From an entertainment background of singing in bands for many years, my teaching style is best described as Organic. I teach techniques I have used myself and/or have seen others using. Each singer is different with their own strengths and weaknesses but all have something in common in that they come to lessons for their own reasons. My job is to get the best from each of them and to help them fulfill their reason for taking the step to learn singing in the first place.…

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Sharon Yearsley


Sharon is 33 years old and has been teaching singing both in high schools as an itinerant singing specialist and privately for 12 years. She has a Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Voice Performance and a Master of Music Therapy (Hons). She has performed extensively as a soloist and ensemble member in many operas, and has pr…

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Spiderhands Productions Limited


With professional tutors offering high-quality lessons for musicians of all ages and stages, we are the company that can provide the best instrument and/or vocal tuition for you. Free first 1/2hr lesson for new students. For more information about our lessons, visit…

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Loren Easterbrook


Loren has been teaching ukulele and singing for seven years. She has a Bachelor of Music from Christchurch Polytechnic and is currently taking on students who are interested in contemporary, rock and jazz singing and developing musicianship skills. She encourages her students to achieve to a high level, in an encoura…

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Diana Hickey


I love singing and creating music, and am equally passionate about the joy others gain by singing and playing music too. With training in Piano, Cello, Clarinet and Flute, Speech and Drama, as well as a Masters of Arts in Arts Psychotherapy, assisting others to find their true expression is close to my heart. I'm also …

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Eliza Boom


CLASSICAL, THEATRE or CONTEMPORARY SINGING LESSONS I am a young but experienced singing teacher with whom you can develop your voice and begin the journey to becoming a true performer and artist. Whether you sing in the shower or on stage, come and enjoy informative, fun one-on-one lessons.…

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Activate Music Academy


Activate Music Academy is a forward thinking education company with a growing collection of online resources used by schools and individuals throughout New Zealand. In addition to providing excellent online content, Activate Music Academy offers contemporary music tuition in a range of instruments throughout the Du…

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Rose Blake


I'm a qualified classical singer with extensive experience in other genres. I'm passionate about singing, teaching and performance!…

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Julie Cheeseman Piano and Vocal Teacher

Julie Cheeseman


My name is Julie Cheeseman and I teach from my studio at the beginning of Aniseed Valley near Nelson, New Zealand. I also travel to private homes and schools in the area. I love teaching both piano and singing. I have been immersed in music all my life and have taught in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand both in …

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NZ Music Teacher Online

Jimmy Kuo


Have you always wanted to sing and play your favourite instrument with ease and artistry? It's never too late. I am here to help. …

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Lucy Vaganova


Hi, I am a very experienced and internationally educated teacher/performer, Bachelor Music (Honours) Auckland, Diploma Novosibirsk Conservatoire, Diploma St. Petersburg music college. Currently I teach solo singing in Glendowie college (Auckland) . Besides I teach private students: piano and voice. My students a…

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William McElwee


Love music? Love singing? Want to improve your singing and voice use? I'm a trained classical singer (BMus and Post-graduate Diploma) and teacher, experienced in all kinds of singing from opera to hip-hop. I can't wait to help you find joy, self-expression, and creativity in singing! Free 1/2 hr consultation lesson!…

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Lucy Hiku


I have studied at Jazz School, firstly completing a Certificate in Contemporary Music, then a Diploma in Commercial Music. Music has been in my bones since I was small, as my mother was a music teacher and we lived in a house full of music. Performing, writing music and recording are as much of a musical passion for me…

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Benjamin Russell


Voice/Guitar/Songwritting (rock, pop, blues, folk) Ben brings a wealth of real life experience to help you become a confident singer, and guitarist. You will be able to relax and have fun! Ben has been teaching students of all ages for over 15 years. Ben teaches guitar chords and vocal technique to students looking to strum and sing. Ben is a master of encouraging students to step out of their shell and play great music. Students learn how to coordinate playing guitar and singing. Ben specializes in rock, pop blues & folk styles. Ben is the lead singer, lead guitarist and co-leader of the Canadian band Bluestone. Ben has toured coast to coast and recorded four albums with Bluestone. You can read more about Ben on his website…

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Toni Randle


After eleven years performing and teaching voice in Australia, Toni Randle returned home to New Zealand in December 2010. In her time away she completed her Masters of Music Performance in Jazz Voice (Dist.) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and studied improvisation with esteemed, world-renowned pianist, Judy Bail…

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Elly Rydge


Only have teaching from location available 3.30-4.00 pm Tuesday 3.30 - 4.00 pm Thursday 4.00-4.30 pm Saturday 10.00 -11.00 am Sunday 12.00-2.00 am Sunday …

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Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.54.06 am

Sarah Radford


Sarah is a singer who has been performing since a young age, she is experienced in performing and teaching musical theatre, jazz and contemporary music. She has studied many vocal techniques in order to increase her versatility and enhance her ability to help others develop their singing and their passion for music.…

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Chantelle Marie Rakich


Chantelle has been teaching and performing for many years, and really loves to share her knowledge of voicecraft with students, while watching their confidence bloom. She has taught at various schools around Christchurch as well as at the Christchurch Contemporary Music Centre and from her home. Chantelle's performa…

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Michaela Sheehan


Music is Michaela's passion and first love. With years of performance experience over a range of instruments she is able to teach many styles and various student capabilities. Michaela is striving to help everyone find their inner musician and make music a fun and empowering tool for everyone. …

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Barbara Ann Grant


Barbara Ann Grant is a highly experienced singing teacher. She studied at the Wellington Conservatory of Music, Victoria University and Oberlin Conservatory, Ohio, USA where she received a full tuition scholarship. Barbara's particular interest is in the transformative power of the human voice as a tool to boost se…

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Christine Davern


Singing drama and dance for all ages. Develop your self confidence and have fun . Enquiries please Contact Christine Davern 098275281…

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Rosalind Manowitz


Hi, My name is Rosalind Manowitz and I love teaching music to children and adults of any age. Starting on violin from the age of 2, I am passionate about passing on my knowledge to students. I have qualifications in Voice, Violin, music theory and Flute (ATCL), but have also played viola in the National Youth Orches…

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Ella Thomas Vocal Studio


Ella Thomas Vocal Studio is part of Act 2 Studios in Timaru, New Zealand. We believe in helping singers of all ages grow in confidence and skill, while learning healthy singing technique and offering a safe and encouraging environment. Music is chosen to reflect students age, level and personality. …

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Alice Tanner


Alice Tanner is a professional singer performing around New Zealand. She performs in many groups, including covers bands, jazz bands, duos, originals bands and also solo. She studied at CPIT Jazz School, and has a Bachelor of Musical Arts majoring in Jazz Vocals. A classical background with Grade 8 in Cello (Trinit…

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Delia Hunt


Delia has completed a bmus in vocal performance at canterbury and was in the 2014-2015 nz opera chorus. She has been teaching for 10 years and has an asb and lsb in speech and drama.…

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Scot Hall


Scot has taught singing to students in Auckland, Tokoroa and Hamilton. He has taught privately from his home studio, run community singing workshops, Summer School singing programmes, and worked as a vocal coach for theatre productions. Scot has an active career as a professional singer, and has recently been engage…

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Pete Hickman


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Jae Bedford


Jae Bedford has been performing since 1996 & has studied @ the Nelson school of music, Akona te Rangatahi & Otago University. Jae has been teaching since 2010 and is the CEO of the Bedford School of Music and runs the music programmed at Youthtown Oamaru. Jae teaches Guitar, Voice, Bass, Ukulele, Song wri…

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Ryan Neville


Ryan has taught many guitarist and singers throughout the world for over 2o years Based in Christchurch, New Zealand now the owner of Voodoo Music Studio where he teaches over 25 students 1 on 1 once a week. Having performed in parts of the world such as the USA, Australia and Italy Ryan has a very vast knowledge of…

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Yvette K. Willemse


Yvette is a young singing teacher who has three years teaching experience, with ages five to fifty. In five years, she has reached a level of singing comparable to year to two university. Yvette gets her qualifications with the Royal Schools system, and studies singing technique from journals, such as the Journal of Vo…

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Miriam Bedford


MIRIAM 'MIMZ' BEDFORD-HEAD OF VOCAL & PERFORMANCE DEPT'S, Mentor & Tutor. Mimz our 2IC also teachs Vocals, Performance & Songwriting. Miriam is a Vision college graduate and has performed extensively around New Zealand and produced some wonderful recordings & praformances with 'The Bedfords', 'Ign…

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Jessica D’ath


I have worked as a singing teacher for more than six years now, teaching students from ages 6 to 70 and everywhere in between, both in schools, and privately. I have had a student make it to the top 10 on X Factor NZ, as well as many more win leading roles in school and community productions. If you would like to know …

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Erika Grant


I love finding out what an individual is passionate about and starting from there. Whether it's contemporary, experimental or popular styles that you're interested in, I can take you through the theoretical steps. We can dissect a pop song or learn classical theory on piano or guitar, understand harmony through singing, you name it. I have also taught beginners flute, taught relaxation through voice work, violin and piano.…

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Rata Studios School of Music


A Conservatoire for Everybody From February 2016, we introduce an exciting new development for musicians in Wellington, a music school with a difference. Using the best musicians and teachers available, known professionals in their fields, this music school will run along the lines of a conservatoire but be open …

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Rudd School Of Rock


Rudd School of Rock is an Auckland based music school specialising in music lessons/tuition and coaching for Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar, Keyboard/Piano and Singing/Vocals for kids and adults from beginner to advanced levels. We have teaching locations in Auckland City, Eastern Bays, East Auckland, North Auckland an…

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Zara Ballara


Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Zara began her formal vocal studies with Mary Adams Taylor and then with Emily Mair at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. She graduated in 1997 with a Masters Degree in performance and that same year left New Zealand for Britain. In 1998 Zara continued her Postgraduate st…

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Cameron Stewart


Cameron is a young voice coach with significant experience in working with both male and female voices. A graduand of the CPIT Music Arts programme, he has been studying singing for nearly 15 years, and teaching for 5 years. Cameron began as a classical choral singer, being a member of the acclaimed Christchurch Boy…

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Liz Conway


A native of Boulder, Colorado (USA), Liz began learning music at a young age. She went on to gain a BA in Composition and Music Theory from the University of Richmond, VA (USA), a DipGrad in Studio Music Teaching from the University of Otago, and a diploma from the Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand.…

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Music Education Centre


Aucklands largest independent and SPECIALIST music lesson provider, the Music Education Centre offers lessons for all ages from 3 years to adult. With more than 90 teachers, the centre is able to offer flexibility to met individual student requirements while also providing formal structure - with recognised examinatio…

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Andrew Lamont


Experienced drum and vocal coach. Learn both at the same time! Established 25 years. Auckland- based high profile freelance live performance musician (drummer) rock, blues, country, Latin- American and jazz. One on one coaching, group coaching. Offering friendly, personalised approach to tuition, inspiration, Indi…

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Shelley Spang


Born and raised in Christchurch, Shelley Spang began her musical career at the age of four with piano lessons with the late Verna Anderson. In 1988, Shelley graduated from Canterbury University with a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in vocal performance under the tutelage of Mary Adams-Taylor. Shelley also holds LTC…

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Patrick Kelly


With 20 years experience as a singer, composer, musical director, writer and theatre director. Patrick Kelly is a tenor who has performed extensively throughout New Zealand and Australia, recently returning from a touring production of Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera in Japan. With extensive experience as both a perfo…

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Roz Langdon


Want to have fun while making progress? Music with Roz is the way to go! Piano, flute, theory and singing lessons catered to the individual needs of each student are available now- Hibiscus Coast to Browns Bay. All ages and stages, solos and groups, let's get together and make some sounds! …

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Gavin Bromfield


My name is Gavin and I have played a wide variety of music for over 25 years. I have been taught by some of the best in the industry and have taught many instruments for many years. I have been in lots of professional bands, orchestras and choirs. I bring my knowledge of music to your home or mine to deliver a professi…

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Mauao Performing Arts Centre


At MauaoPAC our tutors emphasis is on a fun learning experience while striving for excellence within the student. Our tutors are all professionals in their own right and openly pass their information on to students. …

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Rebecca Melrose


Rebecca is a highly qualified teacher and active member of the international music community who can help you reach your goals at any level and feel a real and vast improvement in your self-esteem, performance and technique abilities.…

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Eleanor Sim


Eleanor is a trained primary and secondary teacher and brings a wealth of experience as a classroom teacher, school leader, choir director and as a private singing teacher. Eleanor continues to perform as a soprano soloist with many choirs throughout New Zealand and is a member of The Opera Club and chorus of New …

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Soundworks Music School

Palmerston North

Soundworks is directed by Liz Locke, a piano teacher in Palmerston North with a passion to see music study recognized for its benefits to children and to adults. To do this she has established a vibrant and quickly expanding music school surrounded by a team of like-minded talented music teachers. The philosophy under…

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Dr Beverley Pullon (DMA, FTCL)


Beverley Pullon holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from Waikato University and has also attained her FTCL in performance voice. Beverley has had numerous lead roles with varying opera companies in New Zealand and overseas, including 4 world premier roles in operas.…

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Elizabeth Glass


I believe in building a strong musical foundation essential for any musician as well as an aid to any other profession. Music is healing, expressive and most of all enjoyable. It is never too late to develop an appreciation and understanding for music and have fun with it! …

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Sade Sanders


CURRENTLY NOT TEACHING. Kia Ora! Thanks for clicking on my page! I have been singing for most of my life and have always had a huge passion for music! I am a graduate of the New Zealand School of Music where I majored in jazz vocals. I actively gig around Christchurch singing all types of genres! If …

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Lauren Simpkins


Lauren holds a Bachelor of Music (Performance) (Honours) degree from the University of Melbourne, where she studied with Olga Kharitonova and Igor Machlak. Lauren is a Licentiate of Trinity College London (Distinction) (Performance) and holds a Diploma of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Performance)…

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Glenda Ruddenklau


Licenciate of Trinity College London (LTCL) - in Singing - Performance and Teaching Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL) - in Piano Performance Advanced Harmony and Counterpoint, Otago University National Certificate in Adult Teaching (NZQA Level 5) I am an Associate of the Institute of Registered Music Te…

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Kate Anastasiou


I have been playing guitar and singing since I was a teenager. I have studied a wide variety of styles and techniques and love helping people discover their own path with music. I have been gigging professionally in Christchurch since 2009 and can help students that are interested in performing to gain the skills nece…

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Ruth Armishaw


Ruth Armishaw is a performing and teaching freelance musician based in Wellington. With a Bachelor of Music and a BMus(Hons) in Vocal Jazz Performance from Massey University and the New Zealand School of Music, she also holds a Performer’s Certificate in classical piano from Trinity College London. About Ruth as a…

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