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Nick Crighton

Nick Crighton


Drum Lessons

  • Qualifications: Cert Perf Music - Drum Major
  • Pricing: $35 per half hour, $50 for forty five minutes and $65 per hour
  • Styles: Pop, Rock, Funk
  • Suitability: Beginner to Advanced


Nick is a seasoned and passionate musician, his main instrument being the drums although he plays several others as well. He completed his performing certificate at Excel School of Performing Arts with a drum major and has spent over 15 years honing his craft.

He has experience playing in many different types of bands including covers, original music and church bands. He enjoys different genres of music including rock, pop, funk and jazz and is committed to researching new sounds and techniques in order to draw inspiration from. His knowledge of music, understanding of rhythm and dedication to constant improvement sets him apart as a drummer and teacher.

Teaching Info

Nick is focused on what his students’ aim to achieve in taking lessons, drums being an instrument that spans a range of musical genres and performance settings. Having taught a diverse cross section of age groups with differing levels of ability, he understands the importance of discussing goals and commitments from the beginning, and tailoring lessons to suit. For students keen to participate in exams, Nick uses the Rock School curriculum which provides a solid foundation for the advancement of drum skills. Above all, he aspires to instill a sense of fun, creativity and enthusiasm for playing the drums that will generate a lifelong interest in this wonderful instrument.

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