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Danie Urquhart

Danie Urquhart


Singing Lessons | Artist development, Ensemble Coaching, Song Writing Workshops, Online Lessons, Posture for Singers and Instrumentalists

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Music Hons
  • Pricing: 30-35
  • Styles: Contemporary
  • Suitability: Any Age


Danie is a contemporary performer based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Performing regularly in the Dunedin area. Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, Danie moved to Dunedin in 2012 to attend the Contemporary Performance course at Otago University.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Music with Honours. She strived for a career in the music industry, becoming a vocal teacher / coach with an emphasis on performance, songwriting and vocal health.

Whilst at Otago University Danie was introduced to many aspects of music, from both classical and contemporary styles. The most important aspects to her were performance, songwriting, vocal pedagogy and audio-engineering. Having acquired skills in all these areas she continues to learn more through research and experience.

Teaching Info

Danie teaches both amateur and professional vocalists.

She works with her students to help strengthen their voice, whilst maintaining overall vocal health.

Technique is important for every singer, and Danie hopes to teach it in a way that highlights the individuals unique tone. She will listen to the voice and find ways to make the sound more powerful without hindering the uniqueness of the voice itself. Everyone has their own unique sound.

For the more confident singers, Danie can teach in more depth about performance / stage presence. Some professional vocalists like to explore new sounds and voice onsets.

Danie understands singing is much more than just producing sound with the voice and has a holistic/psychological approach to her teaching. Students enter vocal lessons for different reasons and Danie aims to cater each lesson to the desires of the student.

Danie’s overall aim in teaching is to use the knowledge she has to make other vocalists stronger and more confident. She wants to see a lot more musicians performing in the Dunedin area.

Very friendly, approachable and enthusiastic Singing Teacher. Makes you feel at ease and encourages your singing skills. Brilliant Teacher!


Since starting lessons with Danie I am learning lots of different voice control and breathing techniques. I also feel a reduction in pain after singing with her. I highly recommend if you want to build your voice and confidence


Danielle creates a great supportive atmosphere and provides you a lot of information including vocal exercises, points of improvement each week and anatomical explanations to aid understanding. Definitely helped me improve within a short timeframe


I started singing lessons with Danie having not done any singing lessons before. Danie made me feel comfortable and boosted my confidence - I'm now so much happier to sing in front of people. I enjoyed every lesson and improved lots too


I have done singing with Danie for 3 years now and absolutely love it! She is extremely knowledgeable and has improved not only my singing skills but my confidence with singing also. She is extremely encouraging and also fun and easy to chat to. Couldn't recommend Danie enough!


For anyone feeling temptation to develop their vocal skills and confidence book in with Danie, she is welcoming, kind and adapts the lessons to suit your individual needs. It is clear she has deep experience and can advise on a range of vocal techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her and will be returning for more!! Would wholeheartedly recommend. Thank You Danie


Danie coached my two girls in singing lessons for just a year. They absolutely adored working with her. She was amazing, talented and shared her knowledge and expertise with them. She built up their confidence with her support and encouragement and we highly recommend her to be your next singing coach. Thanks Danie for all that you did.


Danie is the best singing teacher I have ever had (I have had many). She manages to balance remaining professional and being a friend. I have always felt encouraged to step out of my comfort zone, yet not pressured to do it. I have had so much fun in the five years she has taught me and I've learnt so much.


Danie is the best teachers I have had she has helped me a lot with learning to sing. If I was to rate Danie out of 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best I would give her a 10.


I find Danie a fantastic teacher. I have had lessons with Danie for four months. Danie is a wonderful teacher who answered all my questions in detail and explained where I went wrong in the first place. Furthermore, she supported me mentally and encouraged me in accepting my voice and develop it. Due to personal reasons I couldn't continue lessons with her. I would highly recommend Danie to everyone to be their singing teacher.


You are such an amazing person and teacher and we are so grateful for all the help you've given Ruby it's been such a great experience

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