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James Rose

Guitar Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons

  • Pricing: $25 half hour lesson, $40 per hour lesson.
  • Styles: Rock, Metal, Fusion, Blues and other contemporary styles.
  • Suitability: 7 years old and upwards, beginner to advanced.


James Rose is an accomplished musician from Christchurch.

I am a lead guitar player and lead vocalist in an active band in Christchurch and am well known in the local music scene. I also have in-depth knowledge on genres such as Blues, rock, metal shred and fusion.

I developed my playing over the years by being inspired by players such as Brian May, BB King and some other modern shred fusion players like Guthrie Govan and Steve Vai.

I have been teaching guitar for 4 years including primary and intermediate schools.

I would like to pass on the pleasure I derive from playing guitar and inspire as many people as possible!

Last year I also came 3rd in New Zealand’s National Shred Fest Competition.

Teaching Info

  1. My aim is that with each lesson I will guide you to become a better musician while teaching you the music that you want to learn.

My lessons will include-

-Teaching you different playing techniques which include everything from alternate picking, legato, sweep picking and tapping and everything from blues chops to funk rhythms.

-Reading chord charts and tabs.

-Improvisation by thinking outside the box and being creative with different scales and modes.

-Learning songs by ear.

-Composing and song writing.

– How to maintain your guitar and equipment correctly.

-My main goal is to help you enjoy learning the guitar and make the most out of your practice time while on the journey to finding your own sound.

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