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Amelia Taylor

Amelia Taylor


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  • Qualifications: Suzuki training level 1-10. Specialist in Performance violin from the University of Michigan. DipABRSM
  • Pricing: Book a free trial lesson. After that lesson prices are $35/$50/$65
  • Styles: Classical violin, Theory grades 1-5
  • Suitability: from age 4 -65yrs


New Zealand violinist Amelia Taylor has an active international career as a performer and pedagogue. Amelia is founder and director of ArcaSōnica, a chamber music collective that tours annually in Mexico bringing fresh and exciting performances with international musicians, as well as masterclasses, chamber music coachings, and side-by-side concerts with youth orchestra programs. As part of the Taylor-Larumbe duo, she has performed extensively in New Zealand, USA and Mexico. As well as keeping a busy chamber schedule, Taylor performs regularly with symphony orchestras, such as Opus Orchestra (NZ), Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, Louisiana Philharmonic, Lansing Symphony, and Midland Symphony Orchestra.
A talented teacher, Amelia is a certified Suzuki instructor. Currently she has her own private studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she teaches private and group lessons, as well as music theory. Amelia also works with the Community music center of Ann Arbor as an instructor in the youth chamber music program.
Amelia became fascinated with the violin as a toddler and began learning the violin through the Suzuki method. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Waikato University, where she was a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholar, as well as receiving multiple Blues awards. Her graduate studies include masters in violin performance from Louisiana State University with Espen Lilleslaten, former concertmaster of Bergen Philharmonic (Norway) and an artist diploma at the University of Michigan with David Halen, concertmaster of St. Louis Symphony.

Amelia has a rich and diverse pool of education to draw upon, from her teachers to her students. She is forever learning and experimenting with ways of teaching and self improvement.

Teaching Info

My Teaching history

-Started by giving the odd lesson to my teachers young students
-Took the Suzuki teenage teacher training course offered in NZ
-Teaching since the age of 14 years with a studio of 5 students
-Attended the Aspen music festival in 2013 where I trailed skype lessons with my students to see how I had to adjust to make it work
-When I moved to America in 2014 all my students switched to Skype and to my amazement they started improving faster with better success rate. I had improved communication skills, my students knew how to practice because they had achieved it in the lesson rather than me helping them and them not knowing how to achieve it at home.
-Today I have students via skype in New Zealand and America as well as a private studio in Ann Arbor

My Student Results

– My students have participate in local competitions with placings
– Achieved high grades in ABRSM theory and practical exams
– Attended youth orchestra festival
– My students stay with me until university, they are well rounded people, they know how to organize and achieve their goals.

My 11-year-old daughter has been seeing Amelia for weekly 45-minute lessons in her studio and 45-minute group lessons at her middle school over the last several months. My daughter has improved considerably during this time and enjoys her lessons. Amelia has high expectations, but is kind and patient with her. She also uses a variety of teaching techniques to make the lessons interesting. I highly recommend Amelia Taylor.

Julianne Wu - Mum

Our girls aged 7 and 8 have started learning violin with Amelia. At first i was surprised to learn you could learn an instrument online! But after only a couple of weeks I realised it truly is not a disadvantage at all. They both love and look forward to the weekly private lessons and group classes, where we get to meet other children and families too which is a bonus. Each child has tailor-made lessons to suit her personality and learning style, and while Amelia sets the bar high, she always encourages them to do their best and works tirelessly on innovative ways to keep lessons and home practice sessions interesting and fun. Her high expectations show the girls just how much they are capable of- it is a pleasant surprise to us all just how focused and determined children can be with the support Amelia provides. She is very supportive of the Suzuki model of teacher, student and parent being a team and jointly working together on each child's musical journey. Learning violin with Amelia has already taught our girls many skills that serves them well now and into the future- hard work generates success, making time to practice ensures progress and so on. Every week isn't perfect [behavior, moods etc] but Amelia works hard to always get the best from us all.

Kathryn McMillan - Mum
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