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Electronic Dance Music Production Lessons | DJ Lessons | Artist development, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Mixing and Mastering Lessons, Online Lessons

  • Qualifications: Dubspot New York (Ableton Live Producer, Advanced Production Skills) SAE Amsterdam (Audio for Games) Dutch DJ Academy (DJ Summer School) MixMasterWyatt New York (Mixing and Mastering Skills) Underground Producers Alliance New York (Ghost Producer Program)
  • Pricing: College and University Rates $40 p/h (with 25% credit*) & Professional Rates $70 p/h with 50% credit to *next session, leasing stock, or cancellation fee's.
  • Styles: DJ on the Roland DJ808 and Serato DJ Pro software. Produce in Ableton Live 10 Suite with access to Midi Controllers, Synths and Drum Machines. Record vocals, percussion and guitars in an acoustically treated room. .
  • Suitability: I have experience and references teaching college students aged 13+ the basics of dj'ing, recording vocals and music production theory. 18+ for University based lessons (recording, mixing, listening skills) and anyone of any age who is interested in audio and electronic music.


Thanks for visiting the audio portal. My name is Mike and I am your audio assistant, at your service. I spent the last 10 years in the world of audio engineering and music production and performance. My education to you is based on countless years enjoying and experiencing live electronic dance music on a global scale, followed by a relentless desire to learn about the engineering behind dub and reggae sound systems, originating from Jamaica, and the bass audio culture that resulted in the UK in the 90’s, and becoming a global popular music movement.

Teaching Info

Learn the full Suite of Ableton Live Products. Create and finish your Mixtape from Recording to Arrangement and Mixing to Mastering. Promote and collaborate online to build presence. Perform live at Warper Party.

Our 13 year old son really enjoys and has learnt a lot from his lessons with Mike. He chose DJ lessons over music production, and Mike helped us find a suitable inexpensive DJ device. Initially I stayed for the lessons so I could follow along, but then felt very comfortable leaving them to it while I did errands. I recommend Mike as an instructor, and he is a really nice guy.

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