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Cool Cat Saxophone Lessons

Cool Cat Saxophone Lessons


Saxophone Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Theory Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, Online Lessons

  • Pricing: $27/half hour and $50/hour
  • Styles: Jazz, Classical, Pop, Folk, Improvisation and more
  • Suitability: I teach all ages and focus on Grades: 1 - 5



My name is Murphy and I teach saxophone lessons for beginners. I come from a very musical background having learnt how to play most mainstream instruments including Drums, Piano, Guitar and Bass early in life.

I have performed in bands as big as 60 members and traveled and performed at KBB festivals and other events in NZ and overseas. I have learned various styles over the years playing classical, folk, jazz and pop genres and started playing paying gigs with a reggae/rock covers band from age 16.

I’ve accumulated a lot of practical experience over the years and now I am looking to hand down the skills I’ve learned to others.

Teaching Info

I teach from experience and tailor my lessons to the individual student. I believe everyone has a unique way of learning so I take the time to learn which method suits you best so each lesson is effective.

For first timers, I will take you through the initial basics such as basic theory to help you learn simple scales, you’ll learn correct technique, posture and a few simple songs. Once we’ve moved past basics or if you know the basics when you start, we will decide on a genre that you would like to pursue and then you’ll get some more advanced songs and techniques to learn and I will help you fine tune them.

Throughout your lessons I well help you develop habits that will help you to learn, improve your playing ability and raise consistency. These are extremely important and can be transfered to any other instruments you decide to learn.

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