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Dave Carr

Dave Carr


Guitar Lessons | Banjo Lessons | Alexander Technique Lessons

  • Qualifications: Bmus.Studies(Musicology), m.AUSTAT
  • Pricing: $70 for one hour
  • Styles: Classical, Metal, Folk, Jazz
  • Suitability: 10-100



  • Bmus.studies(Musicology) degree from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • Alexander Technique teacher training at BodyMinded Alexander Technique
  • Classical guitar with Philip Houghton
  • Lessons with many other teachers including James Muller, Joseph Tawadros, Ben Hauptmann and Joseph Littlefield.

Teaching Experience – teaching since 1997 at various schools over including

  • St Leo’s Catholic College, Wahroonga NSW Australia
  • Mercy Catholic College, Chatswood NSW Australia
  • Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Middle Cove NSW Australia
  • Emanuel School, Randwick NSW Australia
  • Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith NSW Australia

Performing Experience – many bands in many styles, including:

  • Gypsy-world fusion with Lolo Lovina
  • Progressive folk metal with Dave Carr’s Fabulous Contraption
  • Celtic-carnatic-world-fusion with Tapestries of Sound
  • Progressive Jazz-Rock Fusion with Dave Bova’s Divina
  • Progressive bluegrass with the Lunch Mothers
  • Folk rock with Fergus Recliner

Teaching Info

All lessons are informed by the principles of the Alexander Technique, which helps people to play more efficiently. That efficiency means less chance of injury and an improved quality of performance. In the lessons we balance technique, creativity, and expression in the combination that best suits your learning needs.

Guitar lessons

  • Classical, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rock, World and Metal styles available
  • Electric guitar technique, Classical fingerstyle guitar technique, Travis-style technique

Banjo lessons

  • Three-finger (bluegrass) technique
  • Bluegrass, Celtic, Jazz, Classical, World and Metal styles

Alexander Technique Lessons

  • Improve your coordination
  • Clarify and update their strategies for any activity – playing an instrument, singing, dancing, officework, housework, etc.
  • Develop your self-understanding (both physiology and psychology)
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