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Tom Harris

Tom Harris


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  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Musical Arts (ARA), Honours in Psychology (University of Canterbury), Grade 8 piano (Royal School)
  • Pricing: $35/half hour, $70/hour
  • Styles: All styles! Whatever tune you request, including jazz, classical, latin, pop, blues, RnB, folk
  • Suitability: All ages and levels (experienced from primary to tertiary to adult)


Limited spaces!

Why pick me in one sentence:

My passion for lighting fires in others, my experienced music+psychology informed approach, and my focus that you get to learn whatever your heart desires.

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My style:

• fun is essential to learning, at any level

• learn music that the student chooses

• push my students at just the right amount, but always keeping it enjoyable

• empathy. I use my natural empathy plus my background in psychology (motivation, learning, habits) to uniquely aid each student

• holistic development – different styles, ear or reading, improvisation, play time with other instruments


I have taught music for 10 years and played for 20.

My fancy qualifications include a degree in jazz piano (ARA), and postgrad in Psychology (UC)

I was performing in Italy at the age of 17.

Active and seasoned performer, composer, sound designer, collaborator (Yurt Party, Chris William, Court Theatre, Scared Scriptless)

Want to find out if I’m the right teacher for you?
Call 022 68 77 515 to arrange a time or send me a message

Teaching from Addington

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Teaching Info

In the first lesson we chat about what your musical goals are – that determines the focus of following lessons.


  • I encourage you to choose your own songs to learn, or pick ones suitable for you that inspire you.
  • For beginners we delay learning songs by sight reading as it is a tough learning curve. Instead we focus on memorisation. i.e. straight to the fun!
  • Sight reading and other important theory concepts are gradually incorporated.
  • Early focus on improvisation. I pride myself on making this natural for even the most self conscious.
  • At the end of lessons there is fun time to explore other instruments (drums, keyboard sounds)



  • we assess your existing goals, learning style, abilities, and develop a plan.
  • when you run into problems (technical, practice, motivation, life) I help solve them.
  • things you can learn from me:


  • How to practice (including psychology of motivation, habits)
  • Playing by ear / sight reading
  • Technique and theory
  • Musicianship and attitude
  • Having great groove and timing

More specific areas include:


  • Learn Tom’s intuitive, stress free improvisation.
  • Plus the simple underlying rules that make melodies/improvisation work


  • Learn tunes by your favourite artists
  • Accompany a singer (or back yourself)
  • Learn more beautiful chords to spice up your sound
  • Learn to play piano rhythmically
  • Learn how to make awesome sounds with synths, apps, etc.
  • Learn how to set up a home studio/use DAW recording software like Reaper.


  • Learning to improvise
  • Playing in a band
  • Jazz harmony and chords
  • Composition


  • Learning tunes by the masters
  • Interpreting a tune (emotions, dynamics, phrasing)
  • Advanced technique


  • Learn about the different roles in the band (rhythmic, melodic, harmonic) and how you can make the most of them
  • Learn to play basslines
  • Learn how to make your band groove better
  • Learn tips on how to rehearse


  • Learn methods/processes to get the ideas flowing
  • Get help to grow your songs with enthusiastic and experienced feedback
  • Get recorded to high quality in lessons or learn how to record yourself
  • Learn about writing for many instruments (and DIY on a synth, computer or smartphone)


  • learn synth programming and sound design
  • learn midi (including interesting unusual controllers, MPE)
  • learn sound FX, plugins
  • learn basic mixing principles
  • learn useful harmony to develop your songs


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