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Maurice Parsons

Maurice Parsons


Singing Lessons

  • Qualifications: Perkel Opera, Mercury Opera and NZ National Opera
  • Styles: Classical, Opera, Pop
  • Suitability: Any


Maurice Parsons is a championship winner in competitions in Auckland and the North Shore, and has a distinguished career as a singer with Perkel Opera, Mercury Opera and NZ National Opera. He was a soloist in recital and oratorio in Auckland and throughout NZ.
Maurice has a distinctive voice with an astonishing range that is seamless from bass low C to tenor high C.
Maurice’s teachers include Donald Munro and Lisa Hagenauer. His teaching work is grounded in his own experience of singing and learning.

Teaching Info

Sing naturally! The key is not to impose anything on the vocal mechanism that isn’t natural. When the singing voice is set up correctly, it’s the same set-up as when you laugh. Most people have a musical laugh after all!

I teach expansion of range, correct voice placement, to develop the full, natural range, and vowel modification.

There are four registers in the female voice – vocal fry or creak which is not really used in classical singing, speech, middle register and the extreme upper register (coloratura, loft).

The natural male voice is grounded in the speaking voice and the singing should be a recognisable extension of the natural speaking voice. We only use this over the range of about an octave in day to day speaking so additional range has to be encouraged with natural production, diaphragmatic breathing and support, and vowel modification.

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